What do you do after downloading your images from camera?

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Mar 23, 2004
Hi all, my objective is to learn the workflow how normally you guys do after downloading your images from the camera? :think:

Hope you don't mind to share a bit :embrass:

Here is my steps:
1. Download to a new folder with shooting date as folder name
2. Use PhotoShop CS to browse
3. Check Level/histogram of selected keeper (satisfied shots)
4. Adjust Level accordingly (usually pull the most right triangle toward left, and just learn that, I can play around with the middle triangle too :D )
5. Do a 3:2 crop
6. Save a copy under "Post Processing" sub folder
7. resize to 770x513
8. increase canvas size to 30 pixels height and width for frame design
9. do frame drop shadow
10. add copyright text
11. flatten layers
12. save a copy under "web" sub folder
13. Copy the entire photo folders to CD for keep
14. publish to my online gallery
15. Invite you guys to visit and hope to get valuable comments :sweat:

That's all what I do always... how about you guys heh :cool:


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Mar 17, 2004
1.Mine download into the comp.
2.view the photo in Windows picture and Fax viewver
3.Decide which one i want , then transfer it
4.Do post processing and change the size to web-friendly
5.transfer the whole folder to cd
(after delete all the unwanted one but mostly more than 50%)


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Sep 13, 2003
1. create dir with date & place as folder name
2. move files from CF
3. read CS while downloading
4. view with acdsee
5. read CS for more inspration
6. too tired, went to sleep ;p


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May 12, 2004
my house
:embrass: My steps very long and troublesome. :cry:

1. put card into card reader of PC 1.
2. download pic from card to 'photo' folder in 'c' drive.
3. select good pic and place in 'ph' folder in 'c' drive.
4. use photoshop element to edit the pic in 'ph' folder.
5. use picture shark to add signature to pic in 'ph' folder.
6. post to webshots.
7. delete content in 'ph' folder.
8. go to 'photo' folder in PC 2.
9. create correct name cum date sub-folder in the PC 2.
10. move content of 'photo' folder in PC 1 to folder created in step 9.
11. delete content of 'photo' folder in PC 1.
12. wait until content of 'photo' folder in PC 2 to reach the limit of a CD-ROM, then burn to CDs.

;p I never throw away bad shots, they are all my child. :sweat: :p

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