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What brand of backpack used/owned?

Which brand of backpack used/owned?

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Just wanted to obtain feedback on backpacks as I need one. I was at beach road army market recently trying to decide on a backpack for my impending Europe trip. Am thinking of getting a 50+10 litres...however the shopowner told me that deuter is not so lasting/durable as compared to the paste and showed me examples of deuter bags waiting to be sent for repair. He recommended lowe alphine bag (slightly more expensive). Then I went sports connection and the person told me that deuter is better and lowe alphine got fewer models. Hmm...getting confused :dunno: and asking around doesn't help cos not many pple own backpacks (they usually borrow). As this is an investment in a way, hope to get a durable one. Hope you can share some experience with me, cheers!


May 6, 2004
hell 極樂世&
Hey, DON'T get lowe alpine cos the interior waterproof coating will deteriorate very fast.. :thumbsd: and correct, there are only a few geninue models in Singapore now... the rest are imtations...Deuter is value for money with one of the best back support system in the market....of course if you opt for brands like Osprey, mountain smith etc...than be prepare to pay a few times more than the price of deuter... :bigeyes:

However don't listen to everything that the salesman told you, they got their own preferences of what they like to sell...
Try all the bags with loads inside (can place some packed tents inside to stimulate the weight) and see how it feels on your back...

Hope this helps as i'm a x-saleman selling backpacks before... :bsmilie:


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Mar 18, 2004
deuter is pretty good.....try goin for some of their older makes....if possible....the newer ones i feel are flashy and trendy....dun really work very well.....

anyway i like the idea of packing tents in to simulate weight.....works great.....


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May 24, 2003
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Witness said:
deuter is pretty good.....try goin for some of their older makes....if possible....the newer ones i feel are flashy and trendy....dun really work very well.....

anyway i like the idea of packing tents in to simulate weight.....works great.....
Try victrinox and you will never want to try others. I'm using one :D

james m

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Dec 28, 2002
Try and find if some one is selling Macpac gear there and have a look their backpacks ....


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Dec 6, 2002
camelbac! :p i've been using deuters for years. never disappointed me. the one i bought in secondary sch is still unscath until more than 10yrs... wat's the big deal about waterproving anyway? get a garbage sack and wrap up ur stuff when it rains... or army style ziploc all your stuff inside lor! unless ur REALLY rushing for time...

Thanks very much! I also much prefer Deuter design as well. Think it's very popular with Singaporeans in general but just want to confirm whether is it durable and value for money. As for other brands, I will also go check out too :). Thanks a million again!


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Mar 24, 2004
DEUTER! its the best. but sad to say the design nowadays getting trendier and trendier leh....tooo flashy....but nonetheless, ITS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! :bsmilie: :bsmilie:


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Jul 15, 2003
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pay the best you can afford. rem u'r going for a euro trip. i supposed it'll last ~14 days. cheaper brands like deuter may be nice to look at/trendy and stuff, but the seams/material is just not as gd as mountain smith, macpack, arc'teryx etc. imagine having a hole in your backpack or a broken strap. if u 'r going to fly multiple times, the baggage pple will trash ya bag up each time.

another way is to borrow one.

i have a $350 70L macpac, used only twice, super solid, think only 1 place in sg sells it. other place is campers corner at capitol building, and the prices are.... wooohoo..

n if u'r tall, just get as big as u think its possible to carry, personally, i hate to pack everything nice nice.hee. extra L is good to dump things in.

have a nice trip dude.

Thanks all really for the feedback but do you all know where to get the bags some of you mentioned (mountain smith, macpack, arc'teryx ) etc? I only know of 2 places which sells backpacks@more reasonable prices, mainly the beach road market and sports connection. I went to this shop also at Capitol Building@ City Hall and was astounded at the prices quoted (can't remember the shop name). My budget not so big to accomodate prices like $500 ++ for just a 30L backpack.

I'm not very tall :p but appreciate the tip really. I hope to get one which extends from hip area to my head. A salesperson told me ideally the weight should rest on shoulders and hip area so that the whole weight of the backpack won't rest on shoulders only.



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May 10, 2002
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do not bother with sport connection or camper corner. price marked up too high.
do not buy jack wolskin in singapore, 99% are fake in singapore because there is no distributor here (jack wolfskin are not interested in singapore mkt).

deuter is a cheap but good brand and yes check out tantonka as well. it is true that deuter is not very lasting but value for money now. you really want quality can consider cerro torre (korean brand).

It is not funny when you get a fake or too cheap a bag. My friend 60L backpack strap broke off during mt ophir trek... not funny at all.

all in all, cheapest you can get and of decent quality is deuter and tatonka. I use cerro torre.

enjoy your trip.

(deuter, $160+ can get 60L. A deuter will not last if you trek every other week but will more than hold up if you are doing a trip 4-5 times a year for quite a few yr.)


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Jan 21, 2002
Heh, was looking for a backpack as well and the Great Singapore Sale and Citibank had some promotion where the Osprey bags are 50% off at Sports Connection! Bought a 60L one a few days back for abt S$200+ . The Osprey bags seems to emphasise on good fitting, eg. my 60L bag comes in 3 sizes, M,L,XL, so you're sure to find one that fit your build :)


Thanks guys really...after weighing my options and my budget I probably will get a deuter. I tried tatonka before, prefer deuter's back support than tatonka...think will head to a few places (Queensway/Peninsula plaza/army mkt) to check out the prices first.. :)

Appreicate your sharing really! :cool:


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Jan 20, 2002
james m said:
Try and find if some one is selling Macpac gear there and have a look their backpacks ....
I second the Macpac recommendation. Sports Connection at Peninsular Plaza has some the last time I was there (2 months ago).

Pity you don't get the full Millet range in Singapore. It's not too bad either. Better made than Deuter IMO


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Feb 10, 2004
I chanced upon this ad in the papers while doing "business" in the toilet. Kinda like a warehouse sale for backpacks and stuff. IIRC there was this 50L tatonka and victrinox going for under S$100.

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