Wet & Wild 2008 Photo Contest

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Here's your chance to show off your photography muse. Submit your most creative image for Tamron's 2008 Photo Contest - Wet & Wild! Photographing the Natural Wonder of Water. It's hard to imagine a world without water, from the grand oceans to the quiet lakes, water is alive with plants, animals, sea life and more. It provides constant enjoyment for children through sprinklers, fountains and waterslides. Even endless, impulsive geysers provide Wet & Wild! amusement for us all.

What's your interpretation of Wet & Wild! Enter Tamron's 2008 Photo Contest today! See below for new submission details.

The only rules on the subject matter are that the pictures be in good taste and include water. Be creative and enter as often as you like.

The Wet & Wild grand prize winner will receive a magnificent Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR VC Di Aspherical (IF) Macro zoom lens in Canon or Nikon mount and have his or her winning image showcased in Tamron's Viewfinder magazine. The winner and up to 20 favorites will have their winning images published on the Tamron website Photo Gallery for all to see.

We’re also announcing an exciting new prize level: The People’s Choice award. All contest entries for the 2008 contest should be uploaded* to our photo sharing gallery on our website so that viewers can vote on them. We will award a $100 Gift Card to the authorized Tamron dealer of choice to the photographer who submitted the image that gets the highest combination of top-rating and views.

*In case a photo cannot be uploaded, send the scanned photo via USPS or email (see below) and we will upload it for you.
Win a Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR VC Di Aspherical (IF)

Check this out: http://www.tamron.com/enews/archives/contest.asp ;)

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