Wedding Photography Price: What You Should Know About Service Cost


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Sep 27, 2004
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Many "just start out" photographers not sure how to charge for shooting a wedding, and most of them simply just copy a price from another photographers and slash half of it since they think the are new in this trade.

and many wedding couples don't understand how come wedding photographers are charging so expensive for just a day of work.

Here is a article on what are the costs of offering wedding photography services.
is in pictorial form, you don't need to have a degree in accounting to understand this.

Hope you will respect yourself, respect others, price your service accordingly as a photographer, pay accordingly to what you expecting to get as a customer, after you have read this and understand all the things happen behind the scene.


Are you a customer? When looking at wedding photography price, how many times have you thought to yourself :”How much money for one day’s work?!”Are you a wedding photographer? How many times, after seeing your wedding photography price quote, has a customer said to you: “How much money for one day’s work?!”Here, I have tried to summarise, in detail, where the wedding photography price comes from. It’s very easy for the photographers to understand the infographic below. However, at the same time, it’s very difficult for the bride and groom to understand why we’re asking for “so much money” for “just a day’s work“.Believe me, we’re not thieves and the price really isn’t ‘so much money’. Calculating the cost of the Wedding Photography Service is difficult, and here you will get an idea about all of the work that takes place behind the scenes to produce the galleries you can see on our site.
So, enjoy! And, please leave a comment, writing what you think about this inforgaphic.

Here you can see what’s my Equipment for Wedding Photography in Tuscany and Italy. When I’ve to travel a lot I reduce drastically the tools I take away with me. If you want to investigate this matter to its fullest, I would recommend you to read this guest post.Note: This Infographic is designed and realized by Francesco Spighi | Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

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