Wedding Photography 101 Series: How many photos to shoot and what to deliver?


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Sep 27, 2004
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This thread is for discussion on many photos to shoot during a wedding and what to deliver?

There is no fix amount of photos you should shoot for a wedding, you should know the sequent of a wedding well before you shoot, and take enough photos to record the key event.

The output usually there are few types,

- traditional 4R in photo album

- Coffee table album or photobook

- Highlight Slideshow

Sometime wedding couples thinking the more photos the merrier, but you as a photographer should decide how many photos to tell the story without letting people getting bored.

Please post your views and comments.

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Mar 7, 2010
For me, I will typically shoot as many as necessary to cover the important happenings throughout the day. Before the AD, I will make an effort to meet up with my clients again (that's if they have the time) to find out more about their preference in terms of their needs for traditional shots, such as tea ceremony pictures for all family members.

If they are strict, then I will make sure all the 敬茶 shots are well positioned and captured traditionally. If they are not, I'll capture traditional angles only for the couple parents, other shots will likely be from alternative/creative angle.

Typically, I will capture about 1.2k shots in a day. But I will filter out the bad shots and deliver typically half of those with edits and adjustments. I have a strict policy of no delivery of RAW files. I would charge a high premium if they insist and typically it will cost much more than my service alone.

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