Wedding Packages w Picnic Session! (Affordable n Quality Assured)

Sep 11, 2018
Only $1600 or $2000 for two-man team, NO hidden costs.

Actual day wedding Photography & Videography services with a 2-hours picnic session!

My partner and I are both filmmaking undergraduates who have immense experience in the field of videography and photography. Having been a freelance photographer for over 4 years, I have built up immense experience in photographing all kinds of events and clients. My partner and I have also had countless experiences which includes, but are not limited to, corporate video shoots, commercials, documentaries, ROMs, birthday parties, short films and even movie sets.

We have decided to branch out into wedding videography as we believe strongly in what we do and we would love to be part of your once in a lifetime event. We want to capture your most precious moments and piece them into priceless keepsakes for all to look back to in future.

Our one and only package includes a picnic session for your partner and yourself (more info) to have an exceptional time together.

For more info on our packages and portfolio, kindly visit our site here.

Feel free to contact us at for any queries and we look forward to hearing from you :)

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