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Jan 10, 2007
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24 opening ceremony photos from The Boston Globe
Links below to other olympic photos too.

Photo slideshows of Reuters' olympic photos:

Check out the photo of the day from Reuters. This is a cool one:

Note that clicking on "previous post" and "next post" at the top brings you to the posts of the blog, not the previous/next photo (quite misleading).
To go to previous photo of the day, you need to click on the bottom of the wording that says "For the previous day’s chosen picture click here."
And quite stupid, can only go backwards, cannot go forward.
But you can just change the last number in the url.

If you missed out the opening ceremony on 080808, there is a highlights telecast on Ch5,
Wed, 13 Aug, 8.30 & Fri, 15 Aug, 12 mn.

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