WebCam Image Sensors

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Jul 9, 2009
Hello Everyone!

I'm doing a reaserch paper on webcam image sensors.
I'm trying to find out whether there are few main image sensors manufacturers who supply to all the webcam companies or whether each camera has a different sensor. my question is simply if Logitech, Creative, Hp etc all use the same sensor (and if yes then who is it) or they all use different sensors.
In addition, all webcams have an image processing chip (beofre the pic/frame enters the computer). where can i find what kind of processing does a certain camera has? are all image processing chips similar? manufactured in the same fabs?

I tried to find info on the web but with no luck
please help


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Nov 28, 2005
Much of this information is proprietary, and we won't know it as well.

For webcams though, there are several mass-market manufacturers of sensors, most notably Sony and Samsung.

The image processing chip would be some low-end one, as there's no need to have good image quality. It may just be a standard one, or different models from the same manufacturer will have different ones depending on the circuit board they use, etc.

Far too many variables.

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