We Love Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.)

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Jan 17, 2002

ok though i'm a moderator, i'm not sure if this will be allowed, but since it isn't political, nor on war, i guess it's ok. Hey it's DARN funny!!!!!!! i spent over a hour persuing all the links and laughed so hard i nearly choked on my lunch ;) ok this is not to belittle the effects of the war, but hey, humour never hurts right?

if u have been following the war closely like i do, u would no doubt be familiar with the Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (MSS for short), currently on "administrative leave" (heh heh). In fact, he's a daily feature together with Donald Rumsfield, General Tommy Franks, and later, General Brooks, but none of them has the same charisma and charm as MSS!

In the last few days, the official mouthpiece of the Iraqi regime, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, has become the subject of fan sites, spoof weblogs, petitions to get him a TV show and merchandise like coffee mugs and T-Shirts.

MSS's consistent denials of American victories and blatant defiance in the face of overwhelming odds has charmed many so much that the wacky Iraqi Minister is now a Web Star!


Check out the fantastic archive of quotes from MSS himself, many of them destined to be classic insult lines.....

""My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all"

"Our initial assessment is that they will all die"

"Let the American infidels bask in their illusion"

"I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad."

Britain "is not worth an old shoe"

"we have given them a sour taste"

"blood-sucking *******s"

Of US troops: "They are most welcome. We will butcher them."

"We will welcome them with bullets and shoes."

"I speak better English than this villain Bush"

About Bush: "the leader of the international criminal gang of *******s."

"the insane little dwarf Bush"

About Bush and Rumsfeld: "Those only deserve to be hit with shoes."

"Bush is a very stupid man. The American people are not stupid, they are very clever. I can't understand how such clever people came to elect such a stupid president."

"Who is this dog Franks in Qatar?"

"After we finish defeating all of those animals we will disclose that with facts and figures."

"Bush, Blair and Rumsfeld. They are the funny trio"

"We will kill them all........most of them."

"They are like a snake and we are going to cut it in pieces."

"They do not even have control over themselves! Do not believe them!"

"I would like to clarify a simple fact here: How can you lay siege to a whole country? Who is really under siege now? Baghdad cannot be besieged. Al-Nasiriyah cannot be besieged. Basra cannot be besieged."

"They are trapped in Umm Qasr. They are trapped near Basra. They are trapped near Nasiriyah. They are trapped near Najaf. They are trapped everywhere."
there are TONS more of these funny quotes on the website from this guy!!!

Also remember to check out the "MSS in history page" where we hear wat MSS would have said about previous wars in history..
the classic from that page regarding the Normandy Invasion..."Americans? What Americans? There are no Americans in France anyway"

Also, this page where readers post their comments on MSS....simpyl hilarious :)

Also, news of this MSS fan site, and many others, even caught media attention...



Anyone wants to do a MO for the cute T-shirts and mugs of MSS, complete with MSS's one liners?

:devil: :D :rbounce:

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