Watermark logo action

Jul 2, 2010
hi all i have a logo in .png that i want to use for my watermark at the bottom right hand corner of the image. i also want to make this into an action(cause im lazy hehehehe :D)

i've googled around and searched in clubsnap but it seems none of the tutorials(that i've seen) touches clearly on how to position the watermark logo.

my problem now is that when i record the action in potrait orientation and place the file, in landscape it does not place in the correct position(i.e. way below the picture).

is there any way that i can make an action such that the watermark will always be positioned in the bottom right regardless of orientation and image size? or do i have to make 2 seperate actions for portrait and landscape?

p.s. im using photoshop cs5


Paul MR

New Member
Dec 4, 2010
This can be done in one action for both Protrait and Landscape.
File - Place, select your logo
Once the logo has been accepted, select the whole layer (ctrl/a)
Layer - Align Layers to Selection - Bottom Edges
Layer - Align Layers to Selection - Right Edges

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