wat do u look for in a camera bag?

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Dec 18, 2003
really MORE diaper changes
just a thot for this morning.

i noticed that CSers buy/sell their bags quite often. i wonder, wat do u look for in a camera bag? perhaps, we shld share here, so dat it can serve as a reference for the future?

me start first! started off with a brandless sling bag. only 2 compartments. then bought a micro-trekker 200. but found it too small after a while. since i shoot portraits most often, i hope my bag is lightweight and weather-proof. must have enuf compartments to carry at least 3 lens, 1 DSLR body with 70-300mm lens attached and small pockets to carry all the shooting peripherials (batts, CF cards, cleaning equipment etc...). my preference would be a backpack with a belt compartment attached. this is for me to put 1-2 lens in it, so dat i dun have to unsling my backpack to change lens during shooting. the lens will be in the bag when not shooting.

so far, my lowepro photo trekker, while serve its purpose, it really heavy (even when empty). sigh... ang moh bags seldom are designed with asians in mind. :D

so, any comments from nature shooters, street/candid shooters etc? :sweat:


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Apr 10, 2002
nightwolf75 said:
wat do u look for in a camera bag?
I dunno about you but I normally look for a CAMERA in a camera bag :bsmilie: :bsmilie: :bsmilie:

Just kidding.

Personally started off with a small brandless (don't we all) top loader that came free with my EOS300. After a really short while ran out of space so upgraded to a Jenova sling/belt/backpack.

Fast forward 2 years and it also ran out of space (had a laptop to carry around) so went for a seedy 3. Turns out my wife hates the seedy three (she complains too big) so now looking for a replacement ... maybe a stealth reporter?

Oh and recently bough a 2nd hand tallee as well.

I suppose most of the time I buy bags because
1. Ran out of space (poor planning perhaps)
2. Got a bag fetish


Dec 20, 2002
Planet Nikon
nightwolf75: You need a bag that can put a 105DC :devil:

*swing swing dark sabre @ nightwolf75*

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