Warning: Pilot + scammer alert

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Nov 3, 2008
Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: DSLR
Equipment Brand: Canon
Price (S$): Priceless
Deal all,

I'm writing this to warn people about this ambiguous person, theavalon or avalon in Clubsnap.

Name: Ryan Lin
Hp No: 98552455

Reference: If you wish, you can refer to this thread in VR or this thread in Clubsnap.

His pm to me:

Originally Posted by theavalon
willing to deal at 1k. Can you deal this weekend (either tomorrow or weekend) ?

Long story short, we agreed to deal for his camera on the 10th November, which is today. Actually he wanted to deal on Saturday, 8th November if i could make it. At first i couldn't, but eventually i readjusted my schedule since he wanted to deal on Saturday. So i tried calling him up to faster confirm cos i had exams to study for.

Hence, i tried to sell my old camera to fund my purchase of his, and when i finally got a buyer, he went missing.
Then i tried msging him, calling him, to no avail. In fact, he asked one girl to answer his phone everytime i called, and to say that he's not around. Then i got suspicious.

So i thought nvm, wait till Monday see how first. But until today he did not call me back nor reply my msgs. Then i saw this msg by a fellow forumer in his thread:

Originally Posted by dog_bone
Warning for all Users, the seller, AVALON aka ryan lin has been disappearing from deals for a few times already. Please do not waste your time dealing with this person as he will not turn up for the during the arranged time and place. I have waited for him for 1 hour at the meeting place and he disappeared ever since and is not contactable. Whatever is his intentions, pls refrain from dealing with him in case u waste your valuable time. He has done this several times on several forum, including CLUBSNAP. He is also heavily in debt from what i have research, from a reliable source, owing a foreign student S$9k. The company that he claims he is working for is also bogus. Therefore, DO NOT hand him any money prior to an dealings.
And therefore, my warning to VRZoners here. With the current trader's rating in place, negative feedback is a taboo here but i guess this guy deserves it for not only scamming me but other forumers as well.

I hope this serves as a warning for all VRZoners, and i hope moderators can help to spread the word and prevent other forumers from being piloted/scammed.

Real Name: Alex

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 1
Warranty Status: Bad

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