LR Tips Warner Bros. Unveils New Logos to Open DC Shows


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Sep 27, 2006
It’s no secret among my friends that someday I’d like to go to the granddaddy of the Comic-Con circuit in San Diego. I’m more into the sci-fi and pop culture aspects than comics—ahem, graphic novels—but I do appreciate the art of the comic. I also enjoy a good superhero story on the screen, big or small, and I was immediately intrigued by the new DC Comics/Warner Bros. motion logos unveiled at last week’s Comic-Con. WBTV held a “Night of DC Entertainment” event to wrap up the convention with a bang (or a splash, if Aquaman is your thing). Each motion logo features the iconic WB badge within an environment befitting the fantasy world the show is introducing. From the foreboding dark stone facade representing Gotham, to the glowing green-clad WB—complete with flying arrows—to open Arrow, to the electric sizzle of lightning to announce The Flash, each logo conveys the feeling of the show and draws the viewer right into the DC landscape. Each WB badge is followed by the updated DC Comics logo. Behind the “peeled back” D, we can glimpse a quick view of the fictional world or characters that inhabit it. Rounding out the list of Warner Bros. [...]
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