Want to sing at the Arts House? (Vocal Mania 2010)


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Jul 22, 2007
Hey there guys I came across this (might be your second hobby besides taking photos haha):


The A Cappella Society is happy to provide a platform for everyone out there to perform on a professional stage at the Arts House!

Here are some details from the press release:

Some of the main highlights of Vocal Mania 2010 include a “Kids in Song” concert, where parents can sign up for their child to get a chance to perform on stage. A great performance opportunity and experience for those children who are enthusiastic singers and performers! This concert will be categorized into one for children under 10 and one for 10 to 16 year olds.

For those who are interested to be part of a choir or would like to experience singing in a choir, “Be a Pop Choir” is open to everyone including vocal groups and school choirs. Participants will learn a piece of music through music sheets provided. The ability to read musical scores will be an advantage, hence musical knowledge is recommended.

Not a singer? For adults who have no musical knowledge or sight reading skills, they are welcomed to participate in “Vocal Jam”. The vocal jam is open to everyone.

Other concerts include performances from various local choirs, bands and vocal groups, including NANU, Singapore's leading all-female a cappella ensemble, After6, a stunning all-male Jazz group, Notella and more!

To enrol your kids or buy tickets for the other performances, email contact@a-cappella.org.sg.

More information, visit: The A Cappella Society - Vocal Music For Everyone :)


Slots are still open for performers who want to hold a concert so email them if you're interested!

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