Want to know how rugged is a D4 and Nikon 600 f/4?


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Feb 13, 2003
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A friend of mine shared this on his Facebook wall. The whole thread can be found in Fred Miranda.

This is the sypnosis of the story...

So, I just got my D4 yesterday. Attached it to the 600VR today here in yellowstone and went out shooting. I was hiking back into the woods after a coyote when I heard some teeth popping, and a growl. A grizzly stepped out of the brush about 35 feet from me. I started backing up with the tripod and camera over my shoulder as the bear continued to walk towards me. I got to a pile of logs that I was afraid I would trip over if I tried to lift the tripod over it. I thought to myself, screw it, the gear is insured and it's not worth dying for. I left the gear and backed up to about 75 yds. when the bear stopped to sniff the tripod. I had my D700 and 70-300VR over my shoulder so I started to shoot. What I saw before me made me want to cry. The bear stood up, pushed the tripod over with one paw, then proceded to gnaw on it and jump up and down on it. I left the area, went back to my car, waited an hour, then hiked back into the woods to retrieve what was left.

I got there and the gear was covered in mud, and slobber. The hoods were off of the 600, the padding on the tripod was ripped to shreds. I couldn't see if there was any damage to the gear, because it was so muddy. When I got back to the apartment, I looked at the front element and there was a perfect nose print on it. I cleaned everything up, and apart from a tooth mark on the battery cover of the D4, a few scratches to the lens hoods, and the knobs chewed off of the wimberly, everything seemed ok. The tripod, was not so lucky. I am not sure if it was a result of chewing, or stomping, but the carbon fiber was splintered and broken. I took some test shots with the camera and lens and everything is still in perfect focus and calibration. I cannot belive after a hard fall, and a mauling by a 500lb grizly, that everything still works.

The good thing was that I was ok, got out of there safe, and even though I had bear spray, I think Imade the right decision to leave the gear instead of risking trying to haul it out with me and fall down crossing logs.

The Whole Link Plus Pictures of the Grizzly Bear can be found here

For those of us who have a D4, the built is that good and oh... a Grizzly Bear is about 300kg.


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Dec 28, 2010
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I see pictures of a grizzly bear pushing down the tripod. I'm no bear expert, and the gnawing part is believable as animals will be animals.. But do bears actually stomp on their prey or threats? There is no picture of any gnawing or stomping being shown in the thread you link. It is also interesting why the TS there does not seem to have taken photographs of the gear damage, only describing it in words.


Jun 13, 2004
How often do you run into a bear? ........ Yeah, lets see the damage done ...................


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Apr 22, 2012
I guess you could purchase spare BL-6 there. In SG, I can't find any.


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Feb 11, 2008
This helped Nikon +1.

Bear torture test... passed... Ok

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