Want better QR, any recommendation?

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Jan 23, 2005
Would like to seek guidance from anyone willing to offer directions.
Have been using this Ballhead
but prefer a Dovetail QR.

Looked at some sites and found ReallyRightStuff have good designs but very expensive and don't know if I can get it locally or not.

Liked the Dovetail design, anyone using these and can tell if they are any good, also is it possible to change my Manfrotto Ballhead QR? from the looks of it there is an Allan Key (don't know if it's spelled correctly, not technical, lah)

If I want to change my exising QR with these

Can it be done in the first place and next important question anywhere in SIN selling this and how much? TIA for those willing to help me out. :sweat:

Any equivalent alternative? to RRS that I can get locally, have never ordered anything from overseas online with my Credit Card, worry on fraud or my CC numbers stolen. :eek:

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