Walking street-shot marathon


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Dec 14, 2010
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Firstly, before i continue to post my outing, i have to apologize to bro cleonbus for copying his thread. sorry.
Admin pls close the similar thread before this one.

Date: 13 March 2011
Time: 2pm - 10pm
Venue: Meetup @ TPY MRT Station

Things to bring.

1) Your dearest Camera
2) Tripod (If you want)
3) Lens (DSLR User)
4) Umbrella or Raincoat
5) Drinking Water (Healthy to drink plain water for long walk)

Shots Expected
1) Urban Landscape
2) Street Candid
3) Night Shot

Cooling and comfortable
comfortable walk shoe


Will be meeting @ TPY MRT Station Information counter, and then we will move out and start our shooting from there, We will be using On Spot Decision to decide where we will proceed next. Beginners and Pros Are Welcome

Interested members pls reply with your name and Nick. We will take note and send out reminder notification again 2 days before the outing :)

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