Walking bird

Aug 8, 2008
Punggol Drive

I would like to have some feedback on the composition, colour saturation.
I have composed the picture this way because I want to show the details as well as vibrancy of colours.

I will like feedback and some "constructive" criticism on photography techniques.
The following are the camera settings used to photograph this picture.
I chose 450D with 70-200mm
I will also appreciate if the critiques may please suggest me a title for this picture.

Thanking you all in advance


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Jan 30, 2007
I think it would be better if the photo was in portrait mode and the legs were not cut off.

Then again, birds are damn fast and I'm not sure if you can capture this bird again?

I like the bokeh though.

if you wanna show the bird is walking the show the feet. If you couldnt get the feet, u should perhaps crop and get a portrait of the bird's head to try n save the photo.

If not, shoot portrait and make sure you don't cut any part of the bird for your future shots.


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