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I've been doing manual WB for a few years and just had the strangest experience. I tried to do a WB in my office with the ExpoDisk, Light Grey & dark grey and white card. All four methods gave me the same result. A yellowish cast??? My D200 confirmed that I had a good Pre? So what gives? I also tried 3 different lens "2-f/2.8's and one f/1.4" and same result? In that room the best I got was using one of the presets. All without flash.
Any ideas anybody?

load the images in photoshop, use eye droplet tool to check is the gray neutral, three same value of R, G, and B.
I went and checked the value in the camera viewing the RGB display in the LCD and red was about 85%, green 70%, blue 50%. Not good at all. Then Last night I tried it in three different places including at work and same problem.The lighting varied between tungsten and fluorescent and it worked in these places before. For doing a manual WB there is only one slot. The last one which is "Pre". Next I did a test using the K slot just before Pre and man it worked supper great. I had my LCD set to show me the RGB results and was able to fine tune it using that "K" slot. Very good results. I did a camera reset to see if the problem would get resolved but no luck. Now I will give Nikon a call about this. A mystery at hand here.

But being persistent I finally got it fixed and here's the result.

Now I called Nikon Tech support and at first they wanted me to send the camera in. I didn't want to because of where I live I would have been without it for 2 months. Then they asked me to email them a couple pictures to see if they could decipher the problem from the exif file. Then I asked if there wasn't some way of rebooting the camera and mentioned that I had done a reset. Then they told me that there was three ways to reset it. On the top there are two green buttons that need to be pressed at the same time and hold them until the top LCD goes out then comes back. Next there is the shooting menu reset and the custom menu reset. And voila. Back to normal, but I don't know which one of them resolved it. Could have probably done them one at a time with trial to find out. Maybe next time. It's a good thing that I persisted with them, cause it took a while to get this info. Now at least I don't have to send it. YAHOO. :)
But the blue is a tad less, but you don't notice it on the image.

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