Vpost? Comgateway? or Borderlinx?



Hi all,

Please share some of your experiences and opinions on these 3 services! =D


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Jan 17, 2002
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Jul 27, 2006
I have experience on Vpost and Borderlinx.

Vpost process is rather tedious and slow :thumbsd:. For more info refer to their website. I find that you need to keep following up on them. Still they are a safe and reliable service. Just hope they listen to feedback.

I find Borderlinx more pleasant and faster experience. :thumbsup: But you have to use a CITIBANK Credit card.
You order your goods and use the address and account given by borderlinx. Once the item arrives they will notify you. If you choose to do so they can then immediately ship the item via DHL. On average the goods are delivered from USA to SG within 3 days.

Jun 24, 2004
The other diff with Comgateway is that they provide service where the merchant do not accept non-US credit cards. They have a conceige to buy the items for you and charge your credit card later. This is useful when come online stores accepts US ONLY credit cards... quite a few i came across.

Between Borderlinx and VPOST, i go Borderlinx. The support structure is there also.


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Mar 9, 2006
I had not tried Vpost and Comgateway but my experience with Borderlinx have been positive so far :) Great customer support and fast delivery.



Thanks for your responses. But what about their shipping charges?

May 14, 2009

Try Tarazz.com instead lah. You can just use amazon.com via tarazz, and you can pay in sing dollars, and have it guaranteed to ship to singapore. The site is easy to navigate and their weekly promotions and cashback program give quite attractive prices.

The one problem I had with them before was that they only accepted DBS cards, but now they accept all major credit cards.


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Jul 29, 2005
VPOST is suck... brought something from Amazon, tracking shown delivered and signed by VPOST USA on 8 Sept, send invoice to them on 9/9, only on 17/9 then it appears on their website (as also email) for shipping charge payment, paid immeadiately same day, today (22/9) now the status still pending in US warehouse. I will be lucky if I can get it within one months ..
I think if you order a lens, by the time you received it, it will be full of fungus liao....
Learn a bad lesson, next time will use Borderlinx... read many good reviews about them..


Aug 25, 2006
i have tried vpost once, their staff take ages to reply. do note that lithium ion batteries of any form will not be shipped by vpost from usa. what irked me was not the fact that they refused to ship my order, that's fair enough, it was written in some obscure corner of their website so boh wei gong..

what irked me was that they took 8000 years to reply to my queries and request to return the order back to merchant. missed the refund deadline, but at least the merchant was kind enough to refund me anyways. for a company to take 2 or 3 days to reply emails, the service standard is horrible. the bare minimum should be a day in this day and age.


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Jun 29, 2010
Try Viaddress instead lah. I have been using them for months liao and satisfied with the services. Also, theyre cheaper than VPOST and Borderlinx. Comgateway I heard services very bad.

Go to their website u can see their price comparisons chart: viaddress.com

they dun charge comission when buying from USA vendor who doesnt allow International credit cards. they also give u an american address before shipping to SGP.;)


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Jun 10, 2006
Just sharing my recent bad experience with Borderlinx service.

I bought stuff from Amazon US and delivered to Borderlinx (BL) US. My package arrived at Borderlinx on 20 Jul and I paid the shipping charges, duty tax and ordered BL to ship to Singapore.

They created waybill/tracking number at their website and DHL tracking site, but they did not hand over the package to DHL (I confirmed this with DHL directly).

Almost daily, I kept calling, chatting, emailing BL customer service to get my package passed to DHL with no success. I found out that BL outsourced the customer service to 3rd party (I suspect the CS is in India, from their accent, I spoke to more than 5 different CS personnel). The worst part was the CS did not have a way to call directly to the team in US who is handling the packages (CS referred the US team as the hub team). The only communication CS had to US team was through email and the hub team did not even bother to reply to the CS team (in India), so every day I kept calling, chatting and emailing with CS team, CS kept saying they had escalated the case to hub team and waiting for response. This was happening for almost 2 weeks with daily chatting, calling and emailing and I was getting the same scripted response from CS.

I even called BL US directly (to US phone number which stated in our BL suite address). The response was also frustating, the US staff advised me to call to their CS eventhough I have explained to them that their CS could not do anything.

The whole experience was very frustating, my package stuck at BL US with no one could help me to get my case resolved.

Finally, on 11 Aug, BL conveniently created new tracking number (and deleted my old tracking number, I guess to remove the traces that package had been stuck at their side for so long) and passed the package to DHL. It took only 3 days for DHL to deliver my package to SG but took 23 days for BL to hand over the package to DHL.

My advise to all fellow Singaporeans, deal with company who has local representative in SG so you can get help from local rep if there is any problem, in this case SingPost VPOST may be better alternative for shipping your stuff from overseas to SG.

BTW, I am not the only one having bad experience with Borderlinx, you can read from many others with terrible shipping delay at http://www.facebook.com/borderlinx - see the comments on the facebook wall ("Just Others") - several of them are also from SG.



Want to echo stjoe comments. I just ordered actually 3 times already. I switched from VPOST because these guys work like snails. So if you don't mind waiting for weeks that is ok. After ordering about 5 times I had only 1 problem. Anyway I was ready to switch when I heard about Borderlinx. All was well until the last order. My goods were switched with another person in Australia. It was Ralph Lauren with kids clothing and shoes. I contacted via the Live Help probably India and all they they could was tell the FOUR letter word: "WAIT". After 5 days they sent an email to tell me my good was ship (the first time) and ask if there was any issues. I am like " What the f***!" Why are you asking me what I already told you??

So my review for Borderlinx:
1) When it works? 4/5 stars :thumbsup:
2) When they mess up and you need your product? 1/5 Stars :thumbsd:

I will update my situation here so hope it helps someone here.


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Apr 16, 2010
LoL so snail problem exists from ages.. I thought its only recently. They took days to enter the invoices to the system. Sometimes my orders reached their US processing center before the invoice even keyed in the system. :confused:


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Feb 11, 2007
Been using vpost for yrs. While it is slow, it is still pretty reliable. In fact I.find it a little faster recent months compared to some yrs back



Sep 26, 2003
Used both services

Still went back to VPost, been using them for years now.
The process is tedious and slow, some hiccups along the way, but for me they are reliable, and always delivers most, importantly they offer better rates then borderlinx and their invoice are itemized.

Fast and hassle free process, also encountered some hiccups on certain items but I find their rates are higher then VPost and your past shipments are not itemized.

Feb 17, 2013
Unbearable shipping experience with vpost

I am a regular online buyer for the past 5 years and has been actively purchasing and shipping items from Amazon US and eBay US. I have been a loyal vpost customer using their forwarding service to have my items shipped from their US address to Singapore for the past years. There are some hiccups here and there from time to time and I tried to bear with them until this recent transaction which is deemed intolerable.

I purchased a used old toy from a eBay seller at S$70 and the item was shipped to my vpost US address. I was shocked to find out that vpost quoted me a total of S$184.84 to ship the item to Singapore! It has an actual weight of 3.6kg and but a volumetric weight of 18.4kg, as the eBay merchant has shipped it with an oversized box. I tried to request for repacking service and they take a few days to get back to me to inform me that they could not repack as they "do not have customised boxes to repack packages" in their own exact words. I then tried to ask them the cost of shipping the item back to the seller at the state of Colorado. They quoted me S$71.95 when my eBay merchant only charged me at S$32! I also ask vpost to quote me if I were to forward the item to my comgateway US address which is also in Oregon as vpost US address. They quoted me S$57.82 when interstate shipment from Colorado to Oregon is only S$32! I felt I'm at the mercy of vpost, whatever they quoted me I would have to comply to. I tried my last request to see if vpost can give me a small discount on the item so I will be able to cut down the shipping cost by a little bit and save the hassle of shipping the item back and forth. They simply replied "this request was not granted". I was so frustrated and being forced to pay the full shipment charge which cost almost 3 times the value of the item. It will definitely be the last time that I'm engaging vpost on shipping my items for the following reasons:

1. unwillingness to try their best to repack item as they "do not have customised boxes to repack packages"
2. unreasonable shipping charge upon request to have the item send back to sender. My sender only paid S$32 to ship from Colorado State to vpost at Oregon State and vpost is quoting me S$71.95 to have the item sent back to the sender which is more than 2 times what my sender paid!
3. unreasonable shipping charge upon request to have the item forwarded to another US address which is located within the same state of Oregon. As mentioned, sender only paid S$32 to have the item send from Colorado State to Oregon State, and vpost is quoting me S$57.82 to have the item forwarded to another address within the same state which is almost 2 times of what my sender paid for interstate shipment!
4. unwillingness to offer any discount to empathize with customer and help customer who is a victim of oversized merchant packaging.
5. unwillingness to do offer anything to try to retain loyal customer like me regardless of my loyalty to have engaged their postal service regularly for the past 5 years!
6. slow and ineffective response time that cost customer precious time. It has taken me more than a week and the case is still not settled, let alone receiving the item.

I would try out vpost competitors like Comgateway or Borderlinx for my future purchases. I have compared the rates between vpost and Comgateway and find Comgateway is better in terms of:
1. generally lower shipping rate per 0.5kg
2. cheaper unpacking service: US$5-7 Comgateway vs S$12 vpost (if they decide to repack for you). They even help customers to repack items from boxes to bags if possible, to as to help customers save shipping cost.
3. real-time tracking which vpost does not offer
4. cheaper returns admin fee: US$5 Comgateway vs S$10 vpost,and cheaper returns shipping rate. Basically Comgateway's international returns shipping rate costs cheaper than vpost's domestic returns shipping rate!

Hope the sharing of my experience will help consumers to have a greater online shopping experience from US merchants.


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Apr 26, 2017
Out of the three I've only used Borderlinx before. They were okay for a while but I switched after an order of mine went missing en route. It wasn't just that it went missing but that their customer support staff took so long to get back to me. I've since started using viabox instead and so far I'm happy with them. Their customer support team always seem to reply in under a day, which is much better. Hope this helps.

Mar 12, 2006
Jurong West
My recent order with comgateway is mixed.

Reason for using their service like with vpost or boderlinx is because the item does not ship to Singapore. From ordering via comgateway, it sells at amazon, to receiving is 3 days to Singapore once they receive from US address.

I'm impressed by the post speed, BUT, not the price for post or how they conduct their business.

It's like this, I show them item and link where to buy. They purchase for me after asking me to send them the funds of item, then once settled proceed to shipping charges. I was disappointed there was only 1 choice. And shipping cost for the small item cost $20+, which is more than price of item. I initial try to find more info on charges but couldn't any before i proceed thinking like ebay or vpost, should have cheaper options.

I felt they lead me to buy the item first, only to take to ransom with the shipping cost. Their business worklow is like this, show item where to buy, I send them funds to buy item, they proceed order and keep item at US address, email you shipping cost albiet one expensive option, you pay or they forfeit item after certain days.

Comgateway is not upfront with shipping cost.I could've look else where to buy if I have the required info.
I felt overcharge for such a small item, an external charging dock for Samsung Gear 360 battery, having to pay much more for shipping compare to the price of item. They were fast,yes, but I wasn't urgently requiring the item, a cheap 30 day shipping time was ok for me, albiet cheaper shipping cost.

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Nov 3, 2014
Oklahoma, USA
This is something I have wondered about for a long time. Can you bros buy from Amazon, Ebay, Adorama, etc.? Must you always go through these third parties? I know I can ship to SG via USPS but to ship a little plain old box with a F2 in it costs like $35. If I use USPS branded box same size shipping is like $75...go figure that out.

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