Volunteers Needed for GreyMatters 2008!

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Yes.... Grey Matters B&W photo Challenge is 1 year old now and we're looking at doing the 2nd one this year.

This year we intend to include digital category in addition to the usual film B&W category.

Some history of Grey Matters. It started last year by a group of B&W photoenthusiasts to attempt a pure B&W photo competition. The rules were pretty unique as all participants were given the same type of film in the morning when they reported on the competition day. The 3 topics were also given out to the participants in the morning and they have 3 hours to capture 3 continuous images on the film to interpret the topics in the predetermined order.

At the end of the competition, all the films are submitted to the organisers who arranged to get it developed by the same printer. A set of 3, 5x7 inch direct prints are made by the same printer using traditional darkroom techniques without any post shoot manipulation.

The entries are then judged by a panel of 3 judges, reputed for their B&W works in the community, based on the merits of a set of 3 prints and not individually.

Following the announcement of the winning, the organiser put up the competition winning entries for an exhibition at Basheer Gallery.

Last year the committee that brought about the event are: Jeffrey Yap (jcryan55), Christina Chen, Anette Bucchen, Daniel (Ansel), Phoa (Phoakm), Benjamin Leong (Noelleong), Kirk Thorestein, Benjamin Teo, Knight Ong (Knight), Germaine Yong, Atan Chua, Andy (Vortex), Damien Ng, Nicole Quek (Swimcraze)..and all other who help in a way or another.

Some of the last year's event can be found in the links below:


We're starting the preparation for this year’s event. As the scale has grow in size and we’re expecting more participants, we need more volunteers to join us in the organizing committee.

If you are interested in part of the team to bring this unique competition to fellow photoenthusiasts. Drop us an email at greymatters2008{at}gmail.com with your name, contact number.

We’ll be calling the first meeting in the coming fortnight and a separate email will be sent to all of those who have email us their interest to help.

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