[Volunteers Needed] Disadvantage Families @ Chinatown, 15 Dec 2013 Sat

Jan 25, 2007

Hi All,

The volunteers from The Volunteer Switchboard are planning to have another event on 15th of Dec, 0900 - 1500 hr.

The Volunteer Switchboard believes in the notion that “everyone should make an effort to give back to society in whatever way possible, however small.” So to achieve that, they are partnering with the younger families for the packing and distribution of food to the elderly in their own neighbourhood! This will happen after spending the morning interacting with these 50 (younger) families at the Jalan Kukoh RC Christmas Party. And by doing so, they hope that these families can get to know their elderly neighbours a little better from the distribution exercise, and forge stronger bonds amongst them.

49 more volunteers are needed to make this happen! So like our event, share our event, and register now at http://www.thevolunteerswitchboard.org/event-registration.html. See you there!

Interested parties wanting to find out more can also send an email to thevolunteerswitchboard@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page

Many thanks in advance.

On behalf of The Volunteer Switchboard

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