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Jan 20, 2002
Dear Volunteer

Thank you for donating your time and effort in this Clubsnap Fundraising event.

When you arrive at the venue on the selected dates and time slots, please report immediately to the CS Moderator on duty. All Volunteers will be briefed and identified by a Ganbatte Japan pass and lanyard during the course of duty. If you need to leave your duty for any reason, please

  1. inform the Moderator;
  2. return your pass;
  3. return any equipment you have signed for; AND
  4. return any donation collection tins you are holding on.

You will be assigned duties according to the manpower situation. Regardless of nature, every task is crucial to the success of the event and your contribution is vital.

a. Printing Station
  • to turn out the 4R prints (for donations of $10 or more)
  • to download all photos on an hourly basis
  • to downsize all photos to (600 X 400) for Facebook uploading

b. Facebook Upload Station
  • to upload downsized images onto Ganbatte Japan Facebook Page hourly
  • to update Facebook status (with weather, crowd condition, portraits taken etc etc)

c. Photographers (to work in pairs or trios at all times)
  • to solicit for potential Donors and ensure that all monies are deposited in the Mercy Relief tins/boxes.
  • to photograph portraits of Donors posing with the prepared signs.
  • to ensure that all portraits taken are well exposed and proper (no shut eyes etc) before thanking the Donor and moving on.

  • Smile at all times. Be friendly and patient at all times.
  • Be reminded that you are representing Clubsnap, Mercy Relief and our supporters Nikon, Noritsu and Far East Organisation in this donation drive. Hence your best behavior is requested at all times.
  • When approaching donors, identify yourself as a volunteer and your objective to raise funds.
  • Donation is voluntary. People can and will say NO. Thank them and move on.
  • If you encounter any troubles (public, security, etc etc), accompany them to the Moderator-on-duty to resolve the issue. Do not engage them under any circumstances.
  • All permits and documents will be kept with the Moderator at all times.
  • You must NOT physically handle donated cash. Advice the Donor to deposit the money into the Mercy Relief donation tin personally.
  • All donation tins and boxes and official equipment will be issued.
  • Please exercise vigilance and cooperate to ensure there is NO tampering of donation tins and official equipment.
  • Please thank all Donors irrespective of donation amount.

What amounts are we looking for?

  • ANY amount can be donated into the donation boxes, including coins and foreign currencies. No amount is too small. It’s the thought that counts.
  • Inform donors that donations of $10 or more entitles them to a complimentary 4R print.
  • Please direct donors to the printing station for the collection of their prints.

Finally, on behalf of all Admins and Moderators, I would like to thank the sponsors, suppporters and volunteers for their timely support. Let us work together to raise funds for our neighbors devastated by earthquake and plagued by radiation.

Jan 17, 2010
Bukit Batok
Hi to all,

Just got back and here are more details:

1. You are encouraged to use your equipment - preferably a DSLR with flash unit as lighting condition may vary throughout the day.
2. Reporting time for both days:

Saturday - 10am and 3.30pm for Sessions 1 and 2 respectively
Sunday - 10.30am and 2pm Sessions 1 and 2 respectively

3. Meeting point - KFC @ Far East Plaza
4. Refreshment - Each volunteer will be given a $5 allowance for each session; we apologise should you find the amount too little. We're trying to conserve resources.
5. Deployment will be done on-site, based on the actual turn-out.
6. Other operational details will also be given on-site.
if we use our own equipment, how we upload the pic back to the printing station? by wireless or sd card?

John Teoh

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Oct 16, 2004
Tampines, Singapore, Singapore
My suggestion

Printing Station
[*]to pass all photos to Facebook station for uploading (FB station will do the resizing because it is less rush and can free printing stations to focus on print the photos for the doners.)

Facebook Upload Station
- to update Facebook status (with weather, crowd condition, portraits taken etc etc) Can admin help to update the status (Sorry, based on Sunday experience, the one in-charge of FB will more likely have no time to see the ppl or conditions as he will be busy looking for photos to upload.)
- Backup a copy of the storage card of the photographers before they leave. Will pass all to CS Admin asap.

Photographers (to work in pairs or trios at all times)
- check the face and the message is clear. If needed, take with a slightly higher f-stop and push up your ISO higher (400 or so) if needed.
- Pass your storage card to FB station for backup at the end of your shift. Try to use one storage card so that it will be easier for backup later (will copy the whole folder over).
- jpg, image size - medium, landscape

To have a "Behind the Scenes!" album for each day or we can use the one that is already set up. I saw some fun shots which can show others what we are doing to help out or the fun we have.

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Dec 31, 2010
hi , i wish to help on 3 april ( sunday )
who should i report to ? : ) thanks


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Jan 20, 2002
hi , i wish to help on 3 april ( sunday )
who should i report to ? : ) thanks
Dear Camela

Please signup your availability here

Please remember to update the spreadsheet if you are unable to attend. If your schedule does not allow you to help out for the duration of a session, no worries, just indicate accordingly.

Thank you for your kind support and looking forward to meeting you this weekend.

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