Volkswagen Beetle

Dec 3, 2009
Went up to Malacca for a family trip and came across this nice Volkswagen beetle which reminded me of the old transformer movie.

Im quite new in photography and sought some critics in terms of compositions, focus. I was on my way to a restaurant and chance upon this nice vintage piece of history. Although the car is quite old but with a bit of touch up on the paintwork, it leaves the car with a touch of modern class comparable to modern cars. I have done some post-processing in Photoshop, could be better in terms of compositions and focus of the subject..

Further more i seek more professional critics opinions on this piece of photo and look forward to receive your experts views with open heart.

Thanks :)



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Dec 5, 2008
Picture like this which happens to come upon by chance, i.e. found situation, are more likely to be taken as a reference photo.
Really nothing much to be expected from the end result.
Below are some points ( reason ) why is it so....

* For any static subject or object (or still life ), to be taken as " reasonably " good, the photopgrapher has to have control of the following...

the object ( subject ) placement..something like orientation.
the site / location / background...the proper choice.
the lighting....natural sunlight, existing ambient light, artificial studio light ( continuous or strobe )
other supporting props.

as in this example...there is none which is within your control.

so the bad news will matter how hard you work on the image editing software, the final enhancement will still be quite limited.

admittedly, the owner of this vehicle did quite a signature touch to it.

See whether you could bring out the details of the cars. A bit stark for my liking. It will be unfair to use professional judgement to view this picture.

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Dec 3, 2009
Thanks for the comments.

Yes, judging on that point when taking the shot


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Feb 19, 2010
Right behind you. :P
This car is the same as i have in my garage... Nah, JK.

The car is nice, yes, its malaysia and cars are COE-Free...

First, get the whole car in your picture. You missed out the back wheel.
2nd: Make sure the sun/light source is not shining at the car. Make sure you&me is able to see the detail of the cars.
3rd: I noob at composition, so can't really comment on that.
4th: Where is the volkswagen logo? o_O

Cheers :D and 5629, Remember to buy some 4D :D

Nov 14, 2009
Upper Bukit Timah
Suggestions (if you shot in RAW):
  1. Increase the contrast definition for the white bodywork. At the moment I can't tell if the white paintwork is glossy or matte.
  • Lighten the shadows. You can recover a lot of details under the wheel arches. Right now it's too dark and I can barely make out the details of the tyres or rims.
  • Why is the rear wheel cropped out?

Jul 18, 2010
I'm a car enthusiast and I can tell that this photo is below par. First, the most obvious error is that you managed to miss out the back wheel.:nono: Car enthusiasts like me want to see the WHOLE car, even if it is just half a wheel. Can you imagine taking picture of a nice Ferrari and missing half a wheel?!

Second, the white balance and contrast is quite out of your control.:nono: The reflection on the hood is too great. Again, that is missing out details on a car. Imagine, again, taking picture of a Ferrari and the reflection doesn't allow you to see the badge!

Lastly, I can't tell if the car has a matte or shiny finish to it.:nono: Obviously, that is not so good since car enthusiasts would like to see details of a car. Simple details like these DO matter.

Hope my feedback helps! Contact me again for my Photobucket or Flickr account details! ;)

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