Videographer wanted for laser tag event 13th July

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Jul 9, 2018
Duration: 3 hours
Time/date: 13th July, 10am to 1pm
Location: church in woodlands

Going to be a medium-sized party of 10-20 youths and young adults playing laser tag.

I will be looking for a 2-3 minute highlights clip and all the raw footage. Possible also to just provide the raw footage without the edit, but I'll expect a reasonably lower price quote than if you were doing the edit.

PM or get in touch with me nine 7 5 double-two 1 double-zero by WhatsApp or Telegram (calls discouraged). Prefer if you have stabilized Sony gear, but open to other setups and rigs.

Budget: $150-$240 (for all three hours), depending on portfolio, gear, and experience

Not open for further replies.