VH1's The Shot Year 2007


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Jun 10, 2004
MediaCorp's Channel 5 is broadcasting the reality drama on Friday 12 midnight. In this year 2007 reality drama, photographers competed (or be eliminated) in fashion photography.

For the first episode, individual challenge required photographers to photograph an image of conveying passion between a male & female model within a five minutes time span. The shot must be suitable for commercial use without being pornographic.

In group challenge, two teams were pitted to make a five photographs editorial portraying "Stormy Romance" featuring model Marisa Lee Miller and sail ship.

During summation, Russell James, the lead judge and host, said both teams failed to deliver. Some shots have distracting elements, be a hand or ventilation funnel or elements "sticking" or "growing" out from model's back.

Any opinion by Clubsnappers on this show and the first episode's photoshoot?

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