Vesak 2005

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Hi All,

With VESAK round the corner, may I invite you to visit my new website which has a page of Vesak photos, taken on two visits to Bright Hill Temple more than 20 years apart - in early 80s (forgot which year, probably 81) and 2004.

Please visit
It is a new site, only few pages, more to come.

The highlight of Vesak, for me, is the 3 steps 1 bow ceremony. Many great photo opportunities there. Like this one:

I believe this year it will take place on May 20/21 ie night to morning, even though Vesak Day is May 22. Can someone please confirm?

Also, if any of you have suggestions for photo taking at other events on Vesak Day, would appreciate if you share details of
1. what is it / what sort of photo opportunities?
2. date
3. time
4. place


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For those interested to find out more, I have an article on it at my old site,

Cheers and see you at Vesak

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