Velbon Ultra Maxi L how good is it?

Apr 18, 2009
Velbon Ultra Maxi L

A forumer at HWZ recommends me Velbon Ultra Maxi L for my Pentax K-x 18-55 50-200. I cannot find any review on this. According to the spec, it fits the my requirement. I need a very light small tripod that can put inside my bag. I use it for traveling so i need it to be very portable otherwise i wldnt bring out at all. My budget is less than $200. i also read that the final part of the legs are so thin that im afraid its not stable, dont it? I mainly used for traveling, night scenery and astrophoto where i need to use very very long exposure. Where can i buy it?

what i like abt this tripod is that i can pull out its legs with just one twist.
here's a video on this tripod.

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Jan 12, 2009
u can try k-13 at peninsula plaza...i just bought a quikrelease plate from them...quite friendly boss...they have other versions as well...

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