Variable ND Filter on Step Up Ring Adapter ?


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May 14, 2014

1. I have a lens with a filter thread of 52mm and planning to get a variable ND filter.
If I get a 82mm variable ND filter with a step up ring (52mm to 82mm) will there be any cons ? like lost of sharpness, dynamic range etc ? or should I just stick to 52mm variable ND filter ?

2. Hoya or Tiffen ?

Many thanks !


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Sep 27, 2004
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It is not a good idea to use step up ring with filters come with rotating ring, like CPL filter and vari ND filter, it is because the step up ring is very thin and you have no grip of it, plus with a filter with rotating ring, it is very hard to unstuck if both of them jammed.
Btw, 82mm step up ring is hard to find, and I don't recall come across 52mm to 82mm, so you need to use 2 or 3 step up rings.


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Jan 3, 2008
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You will need 2-3 rings, like 52-67, 67-77, 77-82. Check with the shops what they carry.
Depending on the focal length you might get physical vignetting for very wide lenses.
Dynamic range is defined by the sensor's capabilities to record bright and dark areas at the same time, why would a filter affect this?
Sharpness will be affected by dirty filters. Keep it clean and use only filters that you need. (UV filers are nowhere needed, stacking only creates problems.)


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Oct 8, 2011
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52mm to 82mm step up rings exist and is quite common, at least on eBay. I have one laying in the storeroom somewhere, bought years ago. In fact, I used to use it for this exact purpose - pairing it with a 82mm VND. I still have both of them, just not sure where are they now in the storeroom :p

There is actually no advantage to using a 52mm VND except it's lighter and easier to bring around. Image quality wise, it is better with a 82mm VND and step up ring since you will be using the centre of the filter. Lesser vignette also.

Don't worry about the filter getting stuck to a step up ring, because there's a lot of space for you to grip in a 52->82 ring. Usually when it gets stuck is because there's not enough space for you to grip to unscrew (77->82mm etc).


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Jan 22, 2013
There will be no difference. but do buy the small step step up ring, example 49-52 52-55 55-58 ......till 82mm.
one set is not expensive, it gives u more options for future usage.

example next time , u found a better 67mm filter. then at least your lenses range from 49mm to 62mm will be able to use the step rings.

If you buy a fixed one then really only this fixed lenses can use that fixed filter.

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