Using FX8 in cold environments and on long trips

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Mar 27, 2006
Anyone knows whether FX8 is able to operate in cold (near zero degrees) environments? And also, anyone can advise as to how to prolong it's battery life cos I heard that the battery life will shorten in such conditions...

Anything else I have to know/purchase for such trips? Cos I foresee that my current 1Gb memory card and 2 batteries may not be enough for this 1 month-long trip.



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Mar 18, 2004
bukit batok
my FZ5 operated in -1 degrees at mount fuji last year,any lower i'm not too sure already.
extra batteries is a must.
the battery with only 1 cell left on the batt display wouldn't last more than half a day in low temperatures between 8 degrees to -1 degrees.
bring an international adapter as well if you need to charge with your battery charger.
your 1GB card wouldn't be enough even if you reduce the dimension to (1280 X 960) so bring any extra card or a portable hard disk to transfer photo over.
carry ziplock bags with a warm pack to keep batteries alive.
ziplock bags also keep most of the moisture out.
from cold to warm surroundings never switch on the camera too soon,allow the camera to adjust to the temperature first if not might get condensation in the lens but that never really happen to me so better to play safe cause moisture within lens not covered under warrenty.
same goes for warm to cold surroundings.

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