Users of Eye-One products, advice needed

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Hi to users of eye-one products.

I was wondering if you might know the tangible difference between eyeone display1 vs display2.
There seems to be alot of information out there and i am abit confused.

and what is the main difference between eyeone LT and eyeone display 2?

are both pantone and GretagMacbeth one company or did they merge? (question is because i sometimes see their brand names used "interchangable")

thanks guys


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Mar 2, 2003
I using Eye One Ver1, tink only difference is Ver2. has ambient measurement?
Not sure if it matters too much so I bought Ver1. for a much lower price...

Hope someone who has used both can comment on how much difference/better is Ver2. as Ver1. can use the latest software as well.

Some differences of Eye-One Display(d1) & EyeOne Display2(d2)...

> d1 have transparent plastic covering on the 4 sensor holes & d2 dont i suppose the sensors are more sentitive without that plastic piece covering them

> d2 have ambient light measuring head
.....helps to measure existing light around monitor in terms of bright/dim (lux) or color temperature (K); results are for information only but may affect luminance measuring

> d2 measures luminance; not sure whether d1 does
.....luminance have to do with brightness control; the existing room light may affect how much brightness the calibrator sees as ideal

One thing I observe is that it helps if your monitor have DDC/CI (Display Data Channel - Command Interface) control as mine does. You can make the necessary monitor adjustments via mouse clicks instead of pressing the buttons on your monitor.

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