Use the History Log to Make Photoshop Take Notes For You


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Sep 27, 2006
(Keith Gilbert shared this technique at the popular 3-Minutes Max session that closed out the CreativePro Conference in Minneapolis in July.) Have you ever finished a complex sequence of steps in Photoshop, and later wished you could remember what those exact steps were? Did you use a distance of 150 or 200 for that Motion Blur? Did you rotate that layer 45° or 30°? Photoshop offers an alternative to jotting all this down on a sticky note, legal pad, or napkin. Photoshop will actually record these notes for you, keeping a detailed account (called a History Log) of each and every command that you perform. Here’s how to set it up: Choose Preferences > General and select the History Log option. There you can choose to save the Log Items either to Metadata (recommended) or a Text File. If you choose Metadata, the log becomes part of the file you are editing. If you choose Text File, you will be asked for a name and a location in which Photoshop will save a text file containing the log. I use the Metadata option, as I’ve found that the Text File option doesn’t work as well. You also can also choose [...]
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