Uploading photos affects PC audio quality?


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Apr 16, 2010
yes it will affect playback, not the audio quality, but rather processing power/time

Whenever I upload photos my PC audio is being affected e.g. intermittent pauses.

here are the specs of my PC:

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There seems to be not much online for help with this problem. Thanks.
Never had that happen to me before. from when i was using i5 or i7 CPU systems.

What CPU are you using on how old a pc? Built-in sound card or standalone? iTune is your player of choice? Hate iTunes as it tend to be a resource hog so i rarely use it. ITunes has a lot of various same apps running in the background that is why I hate it. If I have no need to update my old iPad 1, I always shut down anything in the background to do with iTunes. Long time back, when I only had 4 gig ram. Shutting down the iTunes makes a big impact on the way s/w works on my PC. I prefer to use VLC for all playback.

With iTunes open, it also does other things including linking up to "mothership apple".

What s/w you using to upload your photos to the cloud? Lightroom?

Internet speed?

8 gig ram is okay.

What other function or s/w is running in the background?

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Thanks. I remember I didn't have such a problem with a slower PC (Pentium 4) running Window XP with less Ram before.

The present PC is a 6 months old Duo Core.

I've tried using Window Media Player and VLC with same problem.

It doesn't happen while I listen to songs via YouTube but only happens in MP3 playback.

The interference of the audio is only on part of the song depending on uploading activity. I can put up with it as I don't upload all the time.

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Oct 19, 2008
Goto Task Manager, up the priority of your music player process. See if this helps.


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Jan 16, 2002
if your photos and songs are stored in same location(hard disk), then yes.

store them in different disks.

if your HDD is 5400 rpm. throw them away.

but !!!!! if your 5400 rpm HDD got hum sup stuff, pass it to me !!

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