Updated guidelines for Advertisers and Buyers in Mass Sales (pls read)

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Dec 18, 2003
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After the house cleaning as announced here

Kindly adhere to the following guidelines.

For Advertisers:

a) Adhere to the guidelines as posted by Darren here
b) Please ensure that you only have 3 active threads as mentioned in Darren's guidelines
c) While we do understand that there are occasional special offers that you might like to highlight to CSers and we do allow such threads to be posted (which might exceed the 3 active threads rule), kindly do not abuse such leeway by having indefinte special offer periods. We will close such threads if you decide to test the limits.
d) According to the CS Terms and Conditions rule no. 4 (http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63954), advertisers are not allowed to cross post their sale items here and in the usual buy/sell sub-forums. Such threads will be summarily deleted and infractions will be issued to you.

For Buyers:
a) Kindly conduct all business/discussions/enquries with the sellers on PM or whatever means of communications stated by the mass sellers

I would like to encourage all CSers to adhere to these guidelines and bring some sense of order to the mass sale sub-forum so that searching for items will be much easier. :)

These rules will be updated from time to time. Thank you!

Not open for further replies.