Unseen Voices - PS Layering and blending

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Hi ppl! I did a coverage of a small exhibition recently at National Library and I found this picture very intriguing and captivating.. The caption was very good as well but no way I could capture both the original piece and the caption.. So this is the next best thing. Comments and constructive criticism most welcome. My first attempt in layering and blending pictures together...;)

Unseen Voices

Sori about the size, the CS gallery only allow 100k pic 2 be uploaded anyway here's the caption :
"Sometimes the darkness around me grips at me
and begins to blanket the world around me.
The battles in my mind become too intense,
insanity seems like a cure for the anguish in my soul,the
past hunts me down mercilessly,
my defeats and mistakes are projected like an omni-theatre, I
cannot go on, what's the point?"


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Aug 5, 2005
i think 2nd last line
u forgot to type an 'I' at the back

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