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Sep 4, 2011
Hi there dear patron,

What do you get if you cross, HMUA Hilde Marie Johansen (https://www.facebook.com/hilde.m.johansen) with Photographer/Digital artist Gerbie Pabilonia (Beyond Photography - a set on Flickr) and Studio f8 (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Studio-f8/139460369480023)?
Perhaps the most interesting two day photography and post processing workshop Singapore has ever seen?

Who can take this class?
Anyone who can meet the below requirements:

- DSLR camera
- Basic/intermediate knowledge of photoshop
- pen / paper
- Participants must bring their own laptop with any version of Adobe Photoshop installed (we recommend CS4 or CS5). A 30-day trial for Photoshop CS5 is available from Adobe.

What are we going to teach you?:

- Short briefing about the workshop
- Themed Model Shoot
- Basic Lighting set-up
- The 'Key' Light
- The 'Fill' Light
- USe of Light and Shadow
- Composition
- posing, directing and communication techniques
- Understanding of Body Language
- Understanding the importance of foreground and backround
- Looking for good locations (if outdoor, we will most likely be in studio)

Post processing
- Choosing the right picture
- Using Adobe Camera Raw
- Understanding of jpeg and RAW
- Composition and perspective
- Sharpening images
- Fixing exposure with Layers and Blending
- Layers management
- Utilize advanced Photoshop tools, such as transparency, brushes, and the Pen Tool, to create photorealistic art
- Liquifying techniques to improve body shape
- Proper cloning and healing techniques
- Improving facial definition with non-destructive dodge-and-burn
- Setting up a simple 3D scene for textures and lighting
- Choosing the right Textures for basic geometry
- proper Highlights and shadow techniques
- Photos integration / color matching
- Atmospheric Depth
- Combining with other backround images (supplied)
- Painting, Cloning, Photo Manipulation and Layer techniques
- adding elements / fire / smoke / lightning etc...
- Getting the correct colour temperature
- adding another character for more fantasy looking scenery
- Detailing / polishing
- Q&A
- end

Price SGD 450 early bird and payment before the 19th of March
Regular fee SGD 550

Please make payment to:
DBS Current account 074-902133-0
Note the workshop name Hilde

Gerbie Photoshop

Gerbie Artwork
Beyond Photography - a set on Flickr


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Sep 4, 2011
*********Changes to the workshp 7-8th of April*********
Due to the response we have chosen to change the format.
You can now opt for only shooting or shooting and post processing. There will be 2 sessions shooting models in studio with Hilde Marie Johansen Styling on Saturday. There will also be 1 outdoor shoot on Sunday morning same styling. The whole Sunday will be Post Processing with Gerbie in Studio covering basic to advanced techniques in creating stunning composites. Every session is ONLY SGD 300. If you opt for 2 or more sessions you will benefit from a 20% discount on the total price.
Saturday 7th Photo Session one studio shoot 9am-1pm
Saturday 7th Photo Session two studio shoot 2pm-6pm
Sunday 8th Photo Session Fort Canning 9am-1pm
Sunday 8th 10am - 6pm Post Processing

There will be a maximum of 10 shooters per session on Saturday and 15 shooters on Sunday and 30 students for Digital imaging on Sunday.
any questions please contact lotta@studiof8.com.sg

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