Unable to access to SBS Transit website?

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Jul 2, 2009
East area
I know this might be quite a stupid thread. But I just want to ask if anyone is experiencing the same issue as me, (the inability to access http://www.sbstransit.com.sg).

My error:
Whenever I click on the site, it loads up a totally blank page and nothing happens. Every other website work as per normal and loads up EXCEPT SBS Transit's!

Starhub Maxonline

I am on wireless internet connection. I called starhub to raise my issue about this as all my other 3 computers under wireless connection is not able to access the website as well.
I tried to connect to the web through direct connection to the modem and it works!

So Starhub told me that the problem is not with them and is with my router manufacturer (linksys). I called linksys up (all the way to Philippines!) and tired whatever solution they have provided me with and to no avail. Even resetting my router back to factory default settings does not work.

It sucks because I am very reliant on the askiris service that they provide...

Anyway, I googled and found a similar thread that states the exact same problem I am having. You can read it here http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/sh....php?t=2406551.

The solution stated on HWZ forum does not work for me though.
So anyone here has the same problem as me? Or any ideas on how to fix this ?

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