Ulu Pandan Photography Competition 2014

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Sep 13, 2012
Ulu Pandan Photography Competition 2014


The competition is organised by the Ulu Pandan Community Arts and Culture Club. The competition aims to:
• Engage residents to participate in the arts.
• To capture the heritage of Ghim Moh Market before its move to the temporary market this end September.
• Bond the community through photography and visual art.
• Develop a more dynamic arts scene in Ulu Pandan.


1.1 The Competition is open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. All entrants must agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Only individual entries will be considered. Entry to this competition is free.
1.2 Members of the Ulu Pandan Photography Competition 2014 organising committee and the panel of judges are not eligible to participate in this competition.


2.1 The Competition will have 3 categories on 2 platforms: Open Category & aged 18 and below Category on Facebook and the Instagram Category.
2.2 The theme for the Competition will be “Heritage of Ghim Moh Market”. This could include images of Ghim Moh Market, the hawkers in action. The list given here is only an example and is non-exhaustive.


3.1 A maximum of 3 photographs/entries per participant is allowed in this Competition. The same photo cannot be used to take part in both categories, in the occurrence of such events, only the first entry that reach the organiser would be accepted into the competition. However, regardless of the number of entries submitted by the participant, he/she will only stand to win one prize, with the only exception being the “Most Popular Picture” award.
3.2 Entries are required to have an accompanying description or caption of the photo, explaining how it fits the theme of the competition.
3.3 Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the photos will not be allowed. Only basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, converting colour images to black & white will be allowed.
3.4 For images captured on film, it is the participant's responsibility to scan the image into digital "JPEG" format.
3.5 Any submission containing or implying pornographic, slanderous, obscene or vulgar content would be immediately disqualified.
3.6 Participants would submit a soft copy of their entries, through the Woobox photo contest app http://woobox.com/kkv8z5 on “Ulu Pandan, Our Home” Facebook Page, and is subjected to manual approval by the administrator before the photo is displayed for voting.
3.7 The photo with the most number of “votes” on the Facebook app will win the “Most Popular Picture” award.
3.8 Using of 3rd party website, applications, such as “Get Online Votes”, etc to gather votes is strictly prohibited and would be immediately disqualified.
3.9 For Instagram Categories, participants are to insert “@upourhome” and insert hashtag “#upcaccphotocontest2014”, and also to send an email to ethan_lin@pa.gov.sg with your personal particulars, such as Full name, NRIC, contact number and residential address. Entries without sending the registration email by the closing date would be disqualified.


4.1 A panel of qualified judges will judge the entries.
4.2 The entries would be judged based on the following criteria:
(a) Relevance to the theme: 30%
(b) Originality: 30%
(c) Creativity: 20%
(d) Technical competency: 20%
4.3 Scores from the panel of judges would make up 80% and number of "votes" on the Facebook platform would make up 20% of the total score.
4.3 The judges reserve the right to award, or not award any prizes as they deem fit.
4.4 The judges’ decision is final.


5.1 The following prizes will be awarded:
1st Prize (Open): $300 vouchers
2nd Prize (Open): $200 vouchers
3rd Prize (Open): $100 vouchers
Consolation Prizes (Open): 3 x $50 vouchers

1st Prize (18 and below): $150 vouchers
2nd Prize (18 and below): $100 vouchers
3rd Prize (18 and below): $50 vouchers
Consolation Prizes (18 and below): 3 x $20 vouchers

Most popular picture: $100 vouchers

Top 3 (Instagram Category): $100 vouchers each


6.1 The Award Ceremony will be held in October. Participants will be informed of the date and venue closer to the event.


7.1 Participants would submit soft copy of their entries, through the Woobox photo contest app on “Ulu Pandan, Our Home” Facebook Page by Sat, 27th September 2014, 2359hrs.
7.2 Late or incomplete entries will not be considered and appeals will not be entertained.


8.1 The organisers reserve the right to disqualify and withhold prizes for entrants violating any of these rules and regulations.
8.2 The organisers reserve the right to change, add or substitute the prizes with comparable alternatives.
8.3 The organisers reserve the right to reproduce, display and distribute the photographs for publication, on an Internet Website and/or display in any media without obtaining further prior permission and payment of any fees to the photographer. Where any photograph is reproduced, the photographer will be credited.


The Entrant
9.1 The entrant must be the sole author and owner of copyright, intellectual property and all other proprietary rights for the image(s) entered into the Competition.
9.2 The entrant retains full copyright of all images entered into the Competition.
9.3 It is the legal responsibility of the Entrant, not the organisers or sponsors, to ensure compliance with all ownership and copyright requirements, and own the rights to reproduce the image(s).
9.4 Entries that do not fulfil the above criteria will be deemed ineligible and will be disqualified.

The Organisers

9.5 The Organisers reserve the non-exclusive right and royalty to reproduce, display, distribute and show the entrant’s submission for the following purposes:
i. Operating, administering and promoting the competition;
ii. Displaying the entrant’s submission on this competition website and/or Sponsors’ website;
iii. Issuing a media release or making media pitches with images regarding winning entries;
iv. Usage of the entrant’s submission during our events, exhibitions and in publications both printed and online.


10.1 The organisers will exercise care in handling the entries submitted. However, they will not be liable for any loss of entries or any unauthorised use of the photographs submitted to the Competition Gallery.
10.2 The entrant accepts all risks of personal injury or property damage of any nature whatsoever that may arise from his/her making or creation of the entry or participation in this competition and will not in any way hold the organisers responsible for any liability, loss, damage, expense and cost which he/she may sustain or incur as a result of his/her participation, except for liability which cannot be excluded by law.
10.3 The entrant (including his or her heirs, parents, legal guardians, executor and/or administrators) hereby agrees to be fully liable to the organisers and their officers, employees and agents for any violation of confidentiality, patent, copyright or any other intellectual property rights in the photograph and materials submitted and shall defend, indemnify and hold the organisers and each of their officers, employees and agents thereof harmless from and against any actions, claims, loss or damages for infringement or alleged infringement of such confidentiality, patent, copyright or any other intellectual property rights.


Date Event
28 Aug Competition Period Starts
27 Sep 2359hrs Competition Period Ends
30 Sep 2359hrs Voting Period Ends
End September/Early Oct Judges decide results and invitations are sent to participants to inform them of the results and award ceremony
October Award Ceremony.

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Sep 13, 2012
5 more days to go till the end of submission.

We would like to see more entries from aged 18 and below.

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