Tzu Chi [Journey to the West] Photography Exhibition

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Mar 19, 2003
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1. Event : [Journey to the West] Photo Exhibit
Date : 27/03-10/04/2004
Time : 10am-9pm (till 10pm for Fri & Sat)
Venue: Tzu Chi Singapore Branch
25, Trengganu Street, #01-01 (along Smith Street)

Special Programme
1. Opening of the Photo Exhibit
Date : 27/03/2004
Time : 3.30pm
Venue: Tzu Chi Singapore Entrance

2. Forum on Exhibit
Date : 27/03/2004 (Sat)
Time : 4.30pm
Date : 28/03/2004 (Sun)
Time : 4.00pm
Venue: Tzu Chi Singapore 2F
Speaker: Mr Wang Zhihong, Chief Editor of Rythms Magazine

Photography Exhibit of the "Record of Pilgrimage to West Asia during Tang Dynasty"

"Journey to the West" is a story that Chinese are very familiar with. The image of the monk from Tang and Sun Wukong has gone deep into the minds of the people. But many people may not know that there exists another "Record of Pilgrimage to West Asia
during Tang Dynasty" (in short, "Record of Pilgrimage to West Asia"). It was a handwritten record made by a disciple of the main character who went to India to copy the Buddhist sutras, Venerable Xuan Zang, of his experiences that happened during the

If one wishes to understand Venerable Xuan Zang, and understand his account of pilgrimage to North India... we can only see action and satire in "Journey to the West", but in the real world's account written in "Record of Pilgrimage to the West Asia", we
can see greatness and compassion. Whether it can be said that the "Record of Pilgrimage to the West Asia" is a compilation of risks and adventures, or a record of an exploration to West Asia, or a travel journal, or a great book of history and geography.
After more than 1300 years, Venerable Xuan Zang's achievement is not restricted to his spreading of Buddhism, but also his great contribution to the cultural exchanges between the east and the west. He was not fearful of the great difficulties that lay
ahead in his journey, his spirit was indomitable but yet very humble and philosophical. His qualities and deeds created far and wide influences in future generations.

Rhytms Magazine, the magazine that won Taiwanese Magazine's Golden Cauldron Award in 4 consecutive years, made more than 10 journeys to China, Middle Asia and India. The journalists personally traveled, trekked and interacted with the people along
Venerable Xuan Zang's legendary trail and began on their expedition towards the west. Starting from Xi An towards Middle Asia, witnessing the destruction of the huge Buddha statues of Bamian, the rebirth of Afghanistan, the remnants of Buddhism in the war
torn areas of Pakistan, and visited paradise-lost Kashmir and personally savored the Indian Nation of Buddha's birth.

And now, this greatest journalism attempt in Taiwan's history has been condensed into words and precious pictures and displayed in exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia! More than 200 fine photographs are on display: the arduous journey, the center of
Asia, trying to survive in war, taking a first journey into Nepal/ India, touring and paying respects in the land of Buddha, touring 6 major regions and 5 places in India, how can you miss it?

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