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Jan 18, 2002
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I would like to share my recent work in creating studio-like backgrounds in PS from ordinary photos.

1. This is the photo I started with. It is a closeup of a rose I took a few weeks back. The photo is not all that interesting to look at:

2. I took the photo and performed the following steps on it in PS:
- removed the water drops using the healing brush
- adjusted the levels to increase contrast
- applied slight Gaussian blurring
- added canvas texture effect
And here's the result:

3. Here I have a photo of a sweet baby girl. however, the background is uninteresting.

4. So I went on to replace the background with the rose background that I have created above. The steps are:
- open both pictures in PS
- rotate the backgound picture 90 degrees CCW.
- copy the picture of the baby onto a second layer on top of the rose background
- carefully erase the original backgournd on the second layer to reveal the rose background underneath. For more details on the background removal, refer to these threads:


- after removing the original background, apply softening to the top layer, as well as spot light effect on the background.

So, here's the final result:

Thanks for viewing. Your comments are all welcomed!

- Roy

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