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Sep 27, 2006
You are out shooting, and something catches your eye… you set up for the shot and take the picture… and then move on to the next spot. How often do you zoom in or out at that spot or take a different angle to cover your bases? I am slowly learning (That could be my life’s motto) to take a couple of extra shots. I tried to get the web domain hyperphoto, since I tend to already be heading to my next picture before I finish the one I am taking. But, when I actually slow down and take a few different angles or at least zoom in, I tend to have better results back in Lightroom. Something grabbed my eye and made stop at that spot and want to capture the image, but I may have a vague idea of what it is, so spend a few extra seconds or minutes trying some different looks. This is way better than sitting at my computer back home wishing I had moved in just a bit or to the right a touch. This is especially true the harder or farther away an area is from your house. If it is something around the corner, you can walk back there and take another picture. If it happens to be in the desert of Nevada where you had a flat tire… chances are you won’t be back for a while, so take a couple of extra shots… it will be worth it.
First shot that grabbed my attention.

zooming in just a bit, eliminates a little bit of the clutter, but still not there

It is a toss up between this one and the final one, with the final one edging this one out just a touch.

This is a stronger image showcasing the steering wheel, which was what sparked my attention in the first place. I could have cropped in from the first shot, but sometimes it in not that easy, so play around.

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