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Using some photoshop on the photo... the line is from James Blunt's Tears And Rain. And that hand is my father's hand. He was sleepling when we were out. So took a photo on his hand... :ppth:

nice shot :)

this is a nice example of turning a simple composition into something more interesting. i like the 2nd and 3rd pics because of the higher contrast. in hindight, it might have been better to meter for the highlights while taking the photo and let the shadows be underexposed. this might have enhaced the detail in the blown parts of the hand.

i think the darkening also works because it removes the distracting chair handle from the photo. could you try giving a neutral grey tone to the background in the 3rd picture? the colour right now is almost competing with the colour of the hand.

if you are treating this as a series, i would not put the b&w photo between the 2 coloured ones.

actually i should have clarified. i was not asking whether there are more photos to come, i was not sure whether you want to know which of these 3 are better, or is it just one photo with the words?


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Jun 24, 2005
I like the sepia effect better. don't know why.. Maybe cause the hand looks older and tanned. :dunno:


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Apr 27, 2004
東京 Tokyo
the centre image is quite strong by itself, the post processing quite well done also. presenting in a series like this (mixing colour and b/w with varied saturation) actually weakens the form IMHO.

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