Trouble with JPEG File Resolution (dpi)

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Dec 27, 2004
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Hi everyone. I'm a Nikon user and owns a D70s. Lately I'm troubled at this JPEG file resolution problem. I've been asking around my friends, if they shoot JPEG Fine Large images. Most of them do and some chose their color mode in (Ia) sRGB and others chose (II) Adobe RGB. Personally I shoot in Adobe RGB as the manual says the color space is capable of expressing wider gamut of color than sRGB, making preferable choice for images that will extensively processed or retouched.

I asked them if their images file resolution are all in 300dpi or 72dpi. All told me theirs are at 300dpi, be it in sRGB or Adobe RGB. Howsoever, mine are all at 72dpi and image dimension is movie poster size i.e. 28in x 41in. I'm really perplexed over this matter. I prefer higher res at 300dpi. In the camera menu, under Optimizing Image setting, I chose 'Custom' in which I did some of my own settings for tone and saturation, etc. Does this affect the output file resolution? Or is it due to some other settings?

Therefore I hereby seeking Nikon dSLR experts' advises. Really appreciate if anyone can guide/tell me how to rectify. Thank you very much. :)

Dec 9, 2005
The color space has got nothing to do wit the resolution. It affects the quality if the image.

Most digital images when opened in Photoshop will open up at 72 dpi, even the Canons do that, you can and should resize them to 300 dpi before printing. So once you change the resolution to 300 the image size should be around 7x10.25. If you still quite figure this stuff out just yet, crop your image to the desired resolution i.e. 300 dpi.

Hope this helps.

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