Tripod help (PLEASE HELP)


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Oct 12, 2009
I bought a digieye TR-6000 a few days ago and found out that the different sections of my tripod leg's colour was different =.= (some black, some dark turqouise.)

The middle section of the tripod was dislocated. ( I had to screw it back in, and am now worried that it is weak.)

My tripod bag has a small hole. (Erm, not really a problem though, tiny one)

Should I...
1) Go back to the shop to have them change my tripod
2) Not bother about it (I just need to know the the above questions would affect my tripod next time. I'm worried the shop is trying to scam me with a factory defect since the colour of the different sections are different.)

And is the tripod good? any reviews I could view?

Please advise, I'm quite new to photography :/


Sorry for the repost, I'm a newbie :/


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Dec 6, 2009
Singapore | East
Hi chuicy,

I think I came across this tripod while @ Mustafa. However, it is one of those plastic head types. For a beginner, it may be good, but since the gear is made of plastic, I am not surprised that it might not last long.

But no worries, brother DM has given you the various links to write ups about what you should look out for when you get the next tripod, which I'm sure you would be looking for one when you have encountered the negative side of such a tripod.

Use often, to make sure your investment is maximised!


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