Trip to ChengDu and JiuZhaiGou in early November

Hi guys... going to Chengdu and JiuZhaiGou from 6th Nov till 13th Nov and thus need you guys for advice... I draft out a simple itinerary and need you guys advice...

6th Nov-----Reach Chengdu in the afternoon... Stay in Chengdu
7th Nov-----Travelling to JiuZhaiGou... on the way see attraction like HuangLong etc...
8th Nov-----JiuZhaiGou
9th Nov-----JiuZhaiGou
10th Nov----JiuZhaiGou
11th Nov----Travel back to ChengDu... still deciding whether to take plane to save on travelling time
12th Nov----Look around in ChengDu... Panda Research base and look look in those ancient streets
13th Nov----If time permits go to Siguniangshan (四姑娘山). Not able to find info on how to go there by google photos looks nice! Anyone been there before?
Night flight back to Singapore

I haven't contacted any drivers yet... any recommendation for a driver for a trip from ChengDu to JiuZhaiGou and back?

Is it possible to go to Leshan and Emeishan during my 3 days stay in JiuZhaiGou? Was wondering if it is too tight to do everything within the 3 days in JiuZhaiGou...

Thanks guys for any input! :-D


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Dec 29, 2008
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Chengdu to JZG by bus or by air
If the plane cannot make a landing at JZG/HL airport due to weather it will return to Chengdu...

JZG and Huanglong are neighbours but some distance apart. They lie far north in Sichuan
Siguniangshan lie betwenn JZG and Chengdu
Emeishanhan and leshan lie south of Chengdu

Need to plan out carfully the schedule... you may get caught in between

Link show you the map of Sichuan with popular attractions:

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Nov 27, 2005
you should visit leshan from chengdu
Just go to the Xin Nan men bus station to get a bus ticket.Leshan can be done in a day
For ermeishan however,you will probably need to stay a night there if you want to get to the top
3 days is fine for JZG.Actually i only spent 2 days there

Huang long and JZG are like shierwin said,some distance apart so you might want to plan for a day at huanglong too

Thanks guys for the info! I intended to travel to JZG by private car, thus on the way can visit Huang Long, Songpan and some other attractions which are on the way... Can Huang Long be completed like 2-3 hours or so? Or should I reserve a day for Huang Long?

BTW Shierwin, can I just hire a cab from ChengDu to bring me to Siguniangshan and back? I tried using 机票,机票查询,特价机票,打折机票-去哪儿旅游搜索引擎 but mostly offer 3 days package...

On advice from Redsun, guess I will reduce the duration at JZG to 2 full days instead, spending more time at ChengDu area... BTW, I thought Leshan is on the way to Ermeishan? Can both places be done within a day?

Lastly... is there such thing as sleeping bus to JZG? I was trying to find buses to JZG but mostly offer day timing... Also wondering if their sleeping bus is similiar to our very own Grassland type... hehe! You guys have any idea about it?


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Nov 25, 2008
BTW, I thought Leshan is on the way to Ermeishan? Can both places be done within a day?
Allow me to offer you my perspective on the above. You can "do" both Emei and LeShan in one day. Make sure you spend the night at the base of Emei and early next morning zip up via mini bus and cable car to Emei summit, then zip over to LeShan (only 1 hour plus via highway and car). Then take tourist boat to view front of the giant buddha and then zip off to next destination.

But what would you have accomplished other than take some photos and say you have been to Emei and LeShan?

Feb 25, 2009
My experience from Chengdu to JZG on 19 Aug 2012 : The eastern route was closed due to landslide somewhere near Wenchuan. So, have to take the western route tru Mianyang and Jiangyou that ended with extra 6-7 hours. Consider flight, if weather permits.


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Dec 29, 2008
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Looking at your proposed travel plan and time frame, unless you detail it carefully, you may not achieve half of what you intend to do.
Hotel booking, transport arrangements etc would bogged you down. And going to be quite expensive. Besides, many packages offer optional tours along the way to Siguniangahsn, Chengdu Panda reserve, Dujiangyan.
Suggest just select a tour that allow 2-3 nights in JZG and take in the rest as 1-day trip, save you the hassle and at much lower cost.
What you intend to do is exactly what any package tour will offer. Just to take a return car trip between JZG and Chengdu will cost considerable. If you keep the driver with you, you've to account for his accomodation and meals.

Sichuan is a huge province with very rugged terrain. If you have not much experience travelling around rural china DIY, good luck.
You can go to JZG on you own on another occasion/season DIY.

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