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Treasure alley

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Feb 13, 2003

I was at a small flea market near China Town about a week ago, it’s just my any other normal Sunday afternoon photography outing. They were actually selling many used items like an old radio that our great grandfather used to listen, they even still keep those 1950’s Chinese magazines in good conditions. Although it’s a hot sunny afternoon, but I still get to see these old antiques which the newer generations kids don’t get to see, it’s a day of an eye opener for me to learn about the sellers here too, the sellers here are usually elderly in their late 40’s to 60’s. They were actually friendly enough to let me photography some of their items for my own collection.

After a hot day out at this small flea market photographing them and some of those old antiques, I have learned a lot and also have realized that the Singapore history is fading away from us when time past from generations to generations. I feel that, these treasures should be educate to the younger generation so that our Singapore story behind these beautiful treasures will be treasured by our next generations children’s children.

Story & photos by Henry Wong

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Oct 9, 2002
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oh..as in like, even if then eventually die off, somehow sg govt still got musuem to showcase lor..so..not that critical a worry? :)

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