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Nov 13, 2013
Hi! Im hoping to find someone familiar with Perth for some advices on trip planning, or any suggestions or recommendations for visiting in Perth. :D

Currently planning,
Perth Airport to Cervantes visiting The Pinnacles around sunset and one night in Cervantes.
Cervantes to Kalbarri. Staying 2 nights visiting Kalbarri National Park and surround.
Kalbarri to Jurien Bay( or any town on the way back, Recommendations? ). 1night for stop over.
Jurien Bay to Swan Valley. 1N preferbly farm stay.( Any recommendations too? )
Swan Valley to Margaret River. 1N
Margaret River to Fremantle 1N.

Some uncertainties I have is that is it enough or too long to stay 2 nights in Kalbarri? Not too sure if the current plan is too rush or too loose. Im trying to reduce the hours of driving per day but at the same time not hoping to have nothing to do or see. Also, are restaurants and supermarket easy to find particularly in the areas that I am heading to?

As for camera, is an ultra wide zoom with a 50mm enough? not too sure what to expect for now.

Would be good if anyone could share their experiences, itineraries and accomodation (budget) here too. Thanks in advance for your help :D

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Mar 31, 2013
I have done a couple of self-drive holiday to Perth. The route that you are taking may be a bit tight if you’re doing self-drive. I am not sure if this is your first trip to Perth. The landscape in Perth is rather vast and wide.

Firstly a drive from Perth airport from Cervantes is rather long. It may take you at least 5-6 hour drive to Cervantes.
I would not suggest you go further north to Kalbarri National park as there are not much to see but continue your drive back to Perth to stay the night.

You may consider driving to Swan valley for a stay at the farm. There are some lovely farms, honey tasting, chocolate, fruit store etc. There are some awesome farms and attractions in the Swan valley.

Next day proceed to Fremantle and visit the Fremantle Market, have fish & chips at the seaside restaurant. You don’t need to stay the night as you would likely spent about 2 hours on all these attractions.

Consider driving to Margaret River as it will take you another 3.5-4hours. Try spending 3-4 days at Margaret River as their many attractions to cover.

If you are adventurous enough, try driving to Albany as it is an interesting town with great seafood.

There are more restaurants and supermarkets south of Perth. There are 2 big supermarkets & many restaurants in Margaret River.

Supermarkets and groceries are important for me as I can stock up drinks and fruits etc in my car.
You have to do some homework where the supermarkets are located in different towns.

Please take note: Reduce speed as there are number of traffic camera along highways and near schools.

For your lens, a wide to zoom lens (17mm-70mm) should be sufficient.

Nov 13, 2013
Hi ffshooters, Thanks for all the advices. Will consider staying longer in margaret river. Havent did enough research on what is there in Margaret river and thought its almost the same as Swan Valley. will read up! As for Kalbarri, i might consider a shorter trip but would still be keen in visiting the kalbarri national park if I could make it without being too rush, got to see how it can work it does seems a little too tight and rush now. Thanks for your advices again.
welcoming more suggestions and advices too :D Thanks!


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Jan 5, 2015
Hi, I had been staying in Perth for 9yrs and just recently relocated back to singapore. 2 nights at Margaret might be enough, unless you are planning to go for wine tasting also. Margaret River is actually different from Swan valley, Cause the winery in Margaret river has bigger land and they actually landscape the place very nicely. Some estates are quite pretty for photo taking. Swan valley is quite small, quite a lot of things squeezed into that place so you don't get much nice winery/vineyard viewing.

It takes about 3hours drive from perth city to Margaret river. Things to see in Margaret river is the lime stone caves there (they might not allow flash photography, but check the websites), drive another 1hour south you can reach Augusta which there is a light house there, have to pay to enter the grounds, but very good scenery view there. And on the way back from Margaret river to city, you can stop by Busselton jetty. I suggest stopping by there for sunset, can take really nice sunset. Like the sun sets down on the sea horizon. It is about 30mins to 1hrs drive from Margaret river and its along the way back to perth anyway.

Btw resturants at Margaret river are more expensive then perth. If you are on a budget, best get a rental apartment which has a kitchen attached. you can go to the big supermarkets like coles and woolworth there to buy your food back and eat.

I suggest your first trip, Spend time in the metro area and south first. You can consider going to King's Park in the city, lots of flowers and plants to take. go there both in the morning and night, cause you can get a very good night shoot of the whole perth city from there( its on the hill). Don't bother going Araluen Botanic garden, thier season is in sept/oct. But recently i went quite disappointing. You are better off going to kings park, free somemore. You can go to Fremantle, its a port there and the town is quite slow pace there with old buildings, good for taking street photography.

North of perth, nothing much.. just sand. it is around 2 and half to 3hours drive to pinnacles from Perth city. If you are very interested in taking rocks, you might stay there 2hours. if not an hour there or less, you are done already. On the way you can stop by lancelin for snow boarding. can try bring ur cam up the sand dune and take the coast line.. but you will risk having send in your camera, cause the sand there is super fine.

Problem with Western Australia it is very big and places you want to go, you spend most time travelling. So you should group your areas together. Then when you plan your next trip, you can consider going down to albany (5hrs drive from perth city) and esperance (think another 3 to 5hrs drive from albany, can't remember). Anyway if you planning perth + pinnacles + Margaret river, you are looking at around 1500km to 2000km of driving.

Accomodations try: (think got some farm stay accommodations here)
airbnb (also heard might have farm stay accommodation here)
Car rental:
Europar car (i use them before, they have promo if you book in the weekdays. check their site)

When are you planning to go and for how long? feel free to pm me or ask here... I will try to give you a general idea and budgeting.

Bring Wide Angle lens, you won't regret it haha...
I usually just carry, 50mm and 10-22mm. Can bring a zoom if you are into birds photography. Tripod not a must... cause the sun there is quite harsh. but if you planning to do night photography with long exposure. then bring along. since you are going to rent a car and drive, might as well.

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