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Jan 2, 2007
Well guys, i am not sure if the above topic has ever been discussed in CS before.

I am taking this opportunity to:

*(for those who have been conned) - to be able to advise what is ur situation now and did you ever managed to get out of it and hopefully we all are able to give some forms of advise to each other.
*(for those who have not been approached to purchase one) - be warned about such conning scheme.

Also, i have jus chanced upon a similiar forum about being approached by some 'so called' company to help them sell of the current timeshare only to realise they got themselve into deeper ****... Below is one post by one ex-employee who worked in one such company and reveal it all... for more details, pls see

Yes Lawry, you're right. And I'm now speaking from an ex-employee of Zealz Corp view point. I've made a similar posting on main forum page to apologise and warn others.

The latest con man in the timeshare arena in Singapore is a company called Zealz Corp at Telok Ayer Street. They had just begun their aggressive hardcore scam tactics. A few of such companies have suddenly sprung up in the past and all these companies claimed that they have hundreds of members in a class action suit to terminate and recover members' investments in timeshare cashback schemes.

I'm an ex-staff of Zealz Corp and I'm willing to expose all their evil deeds because I want to go to bed every night with a clear conscience. I darn sick and tired to be called a "cheat", "liar", "scammer" when people see me on the streets!!! My friends have avoided me because of what I do. My wife and I had constant quarrels almost every night.

I'm really sorry if I had misled and misrepresented information to anyone here. I admit I was greedy initially as they pay very well (trust me, each successful deal can earn me AT LEAST SGD$3000 in commissions alone!). (to the 4 young couples and 1 ederly uncle who signed with me sometime in Nov 2006, I'm really really sorry for what I had done...I know what I did cannot be undone. If it's fated that you recognise me on the streets on day, please wave and stop me and I promise to do my best to help you.)

Anyway, for the rest of the readers, you don't have to be bothered with who I was and what I did. I'm very sorry if I had offended or misled anyone previously. From now, I just want to clear myself, be with my family and move on in life.

However, the bottomline that you should be bothered is...ZEALZ CORP IS ANOTHER FORM OF SCAM TO CHEAT EXISTING TIMESHARE VICTIMS!!!

It's perfectly normal that you feel angry with me and what I'm going to say next. I'm know I'm not worthy to ask for your understanding and forgiveness but the very least you should do now is to consider the following facts after you had signed with my ex-company and go make a report with CAD. Please don't quote me as I intend to remain anonymous and make a fesh start in life:

1) Why pay the "legal" fees upfront when we told you that you're money can be recovered??? Paying more than $16,000+ upfront is a lot of money considering the fact that you have already paid for your initial timeshare membership. We are actually using this money to buy other forms of high yield online memberships. Much like ponzi schemes (check out "ponzi" on your internet search) to pay for and generate more revenue in the process.

2) As any lawyer or officer of the courts would agree and testify, there is no such thing as a FULL UPFRONT legal payment. All payments in their bills of costs ARE progressive! In other words, you pay as you move along the court proceedings.

3) My job is to get as many people to sign and pay up. I have no details (and no concern) as to how and where the group discussion is going to take place. In fact, when my customers asked me about the details for the discussion, I told them that it will be a large gathering of about 300+ members in a local Singapore hotel . To attend the first initiation session, they must sign up first and thereafter, I'll refer them to my boss who will followup from there.

4) Zealz Corp had indeed been engaged Edwin Seah & KS Teo as their laywer. But this is done to serve as a DECOY to cover our tracks when customers do a background check on us!!! Just call Edwin Seah and they ABSOLUTELY have no idea how we conduct our business at all. Most importantly, they are indemified of all damages as a result of any form of neglience on our part. You'll also discover that my ex-company's payment to them is only progressive (no upfront payment as in your case) and the "so-called" class action suit CAN BE thrown out of court. This is something that I had never reveal to my customers. Just ask any other lawyer and they NEVER GUARANTEE that each and every case is admissible in court. So what EVEN IF there is a few hundred members in the class suit??? IT CAN STILL BE THROWN OUT. A lot depends on the cirsumstances of each case. Anyway, most important of all, is that when your case is thrown out of the courts, my ex-company will just act "blur" and delay and avoid your "so-called" refund. I was instructed to handover such matters to my boss as and when they happen in future. So far, I only told one young Chinese couple (i'm really sorry that I lied here) that my boss is out of town and will be back next month. The rest had not call me yet and I don't intend to stay in that goddamn company and be forced to lie to anyone ever again!

5) It is TRUE that some of my ex-colleagues are actually ex-timeshare marketeers. They know all the tricks in the industry and how to avoid prosecution. They (ok, including my "past" self) knew exactly how to play on the greed of people, especially those with earning and spending power. In the old days, we even use "actors" to play as customers. Coming to this point, my personal advice is to throw away your credit cards and avoid flaunting them around. Do not be presurized into buying anything. This will destroy your future one day!

6) Ask to see documentary proof of the members??? Sure, I got tons of it in my ringbinder to show to all my customers. But guess what, ('s the bombshell!) they (I'm not in anyway involved in this activity!) made edited copies of actual court documents (such as Writ of Summons, letter of demands). Come on people, wake up your senses! Would a genuine lawfirm show you documents of their clients? Tell the whole world which one does and I personally guarantee you that they'll be struck off the register! However, you can't point any fingers at Edwin Seah & KS Teo because they'll indicate to you that Zealz Corp IS NOT their appointed "service agent". There is no such an arrangement and never will be. The lawfirm will tell you that my ex-company is just their client and how we do to get customers is entirely our own business and it has got nothing to do with them. I'm sure a few of you have already called them to check.

Again, I'm very sorry to have lied and cheated. I just wanna earn a living but was greedy myself. I didn't know the serious consequences and implications. I have now left that company and that industry completely. Eventhough I could sleep better now, I don't deny that the few couples whom I had cheated in the course of my work are always on my mind. I wished I can turn back and make a brand new start earlier.

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