travel advice for thailand (no photos sorry)

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Nov 13, 2002
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hi, sorry got a question, notice some pple post thailand photos so i was wondering:

anyone of u saw, in budget areas, people selling Lonely Planet or other guidebooks about Thailand or Laos? these areas frequently have cheap (US$3) lonely planets (latest edition) (yes, pirated) on sale, but not sure if thailand has many of them. anyone seen?


heya~ i reside in thailand.. so does nickmak - we're studying here :)
about books like lonely planet etc? Sometimes, but very rarely you find these travel book... pirated pretty well too :p COlour cover and nicely bound! haha~ I've seen those near the outskirts of bangkok along the roadside markets before... they'd sell for 200 baht someitmes but u can bargain and get it easily for less (if u can speak thai) or even about 80baht at best

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