Travel Adventure Photography Talks

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May 5, 2002
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Travel Adventure Photography Talks

Sat 3 April
Operation Snow Lotus 2004 (Camp Heartware II) and Mongolia
Have you always wanted to travel to exotic far away places but never had a chance? Come and listen to members of X-Trekkers Adventure Centre ( relating their expeditions to China and Mongolia. Not only will you see breathtaking scenery, but more importantly you will learn about the people there and how we can learn from one another through friendship.
2pm- 4pm. Free Admission
Bright Box @ Singapore History Museum

Sat 3 April
Yuksam - Gateway to the Himalayas
All journeys to the Khanchengdzonga National Park from India begin in Yuksam. It lies in West Sikkim, in the northeastern mountainous region of India, and part of the Himalayan range. Sikkim shares its borders with Nepal, China and Bhutan. A picturesque village nestled in evergreen valleys, Yuksam is a place where the pictures of it speak more than a thousand words ever can.Travel with the photographer as he leads you through his month-long journey through India to Sikkim and back, and experiences what is truly, enchanting Sikkim.
5pm - 6:30pm. Free Admission
Auditorium @ Singapore History Museum

Sat 10 April
Friendship Booths: Youth Expedition (YEP) Project Teams & Singapore International Foundation (SIF)
Visit the booths of youth teams from the YEP who have organised expeditions to countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Patani and Bangalore. The teams will share their experience in the different countries and the SIF will talk about how youth can get involved in expeditions abroad.
Displays 1pm - 5pm .Talks 2pm - 4pm

10 April 2004, Saturday
Travel Photography Talk on the Mediterranean
Come visit the Mediterranean with Marios and Zoe Pittas.
A father and daughter team, who will bring to life the people and environment of this magical place, through their photos and stories.
4.30pm - 6pm * Free Admission
Singapore History Museum

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